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Man fuck this bullshit, fuck obama, fucke the govt, fuck teh senate, and the house


all this shit goes against everyright we have to free speech, does these fuckers not know about the constitution


so now i can arrested for thinking about hating someone, you already cant question the holocaust, say anything about israel and your automatically a anti semite


fuck now they wanna use one mans actions as a way to back the stripping of our rights


man fuck them


if they come for me i swear on everything i love im not bowing down to this oppressive govt anymore, if they want my rights, come get em. well see who leaves alive

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the word hate crime is so fucked. just saw a video maybe last week of 2 black students beating the fuck out of a white kid who moved a bookbag on a bus to sit. that wasnt a hate crime, but if white kids fucked up a black kid rev al is everywhere trying to ruin lives.

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this would make it so that not only the action of the crime is punished but also the thoughts and reasons being punishable if this is expanded.


It's called motive, and it has always been used to determine the nature and severity of the charge in the United States. You kill someone for money, it's called murder, and you are punished more severely, you kill your spouse in a fight, it's called manslaughter and you get a lighter sentence, because it's a crime of passion.


That being said, hate crime statutes are counterproductive, since they introduce an additional fact to be proved to make the case. The purpose a a hate crime law is purely symbolic and ultimately useless way to persecute criminals.

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