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Older Women and perfume

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I'm doing some contract work at this office and these middle aged women wear the mnost nauseating amount of perfume/musk whatever. It smells like my grandmas house magnified to NBC weaponry levels.


Don't come to my desk, don't come by my desk.....AHHHH SHIT. CHOKE CHOKE COUGH COUGH COUGH


The worst is coming in hungover and riding up in the elevator. it's like having your olafactory senses given ythousands of paper cuts. Your eyes water, your temples pulse with the onset of chemical induced headache.


Why? Why? is it to mask the scent of death? bad health? is it some weird feminine macho thing where they try to outdo one another as to who can apply the most shitty perfume and not overdose?

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This one old broad at my ofc leaves vapor trails of her shit.


I can tell when she has been thru an area of the ofc ten minutes later.


It smells like a funeral parlor, the musk they saturate the rooms in to cover up the foul stench of death.


Anywhoo.. I had to go to Vegas for business w/ her for an over-nighter. This bitch stands in a 40 minute airport line(So I had to also) to check her bag so she can bring her bottle of Eau De Rigor Mortis.


I was so stoked knowing that I would get one day w/o the stink, but no. "This bottle costs $35, no way I'm tossing it!"


Sitting next to her on the plane was bad, but the next morning, I was crazy hungover after being wined and dined by my clients.


When I first smelled her in the morning, I wanted to die. When I got in a confined space(cab) I was holding back the puke for real. Then another plane ride w/ the postmenopausal prune.


Good Gawd, one of the worst days of my life.

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That shit always smells cheap as fuck too, like you know they are still using the perfume from the 40's that came in novelty glass bottles shaped like the eiffel tower or a dog or some shit.

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