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FIFA Confederations Cup 09

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I searched soccer, football, and confederation cup... no thread. But after the game today it DEFIANTLY deserves a thread.



Just watched US beat Spain 2 - 0



Hopefully US will bring it all the way, but not to be a pessimist... I can't deny that i'm doubtful they can even though we just took out the #1 team.







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Saw a bit of the game, Spain looked off it, can imagine its down to tiredness as their players come off the back of a long season. USA played well from what I saw though, very hard working, great defensively. Dempsey is a good player.

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Apparently we played very well vs Italy too.


I don't follow Soccer at all up until the World Cup where I usually tune in. I think it's funny because I hate watching Baseball on TV but for some reason Soccer which could be much less eventful depending on the match really doesn't bother me at all. I actually enjoy the games.


I think it comes down to the fact that I respected the kids that played Soccer while I was in school. Conditioning is crazy.


Perhaps I'll actually even see a U.S. team win it in my lifetime, which up until last year I would have never thought it possible.

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Quite a surprise. USA played very well in the first half then defended well against a tide of Spanish pressure in the second, but still got a second goal on the break. It's been a weird tournament throughout.


I'd imagine Brazil will beat South Africa to get though to the final so seeing as they beat the US 3 - 0 in the groups stages I'd have them to win. But games like tonight show that anything can happen.


Here's the football thread: http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=102437&highlight=chelsea

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Perhaps we're getting our soccer act together?

I just remember a bunch of old, slow, washed up MLS dudes playing, but we got cats on this squad who play in European leagues. Having that experience is a major plus. Where the hell is Adu at? He was a killer in the under-21 thing last year or whatever, and now he plays for Benfica, one of the best Portuguese clubs.

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