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Israel Girls Appreciation Thread *Politics Free Zone*

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Having visited Israel recently for an extended period of time, I can attest that despite how small the country is, there certainly are a lot of very hot girls that live there. I mean some dimes!! Unfortunately, a lot of them know that they're hot, and consequently, dancing with them in clubs, or hitting on them on the beach, can prove to be very challenging. I was denied a ton of times, but I was lucky enough to slay a few, which was tight. So here's a brief tribute to some of these Mediterranean hotties. There's nothing like fucking a girl and then watching her put on her uniform and go to the army. Fucking epic!


Just ask Stan, he's there now and will tell you the exact same shit...there's hot girls everywhere in that fucking country.


Here's just a small taste....



















And now here are a few from my personal collection ;)
















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all the israeli girls I've ever met with one notable exception have all been stuck up as fuck!

but army chick in middle of photo 5 and chick with bread are shaping up okay.

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my buddy is there right now,

and he was telling me the exact same shit.

i'm tryin to go there and post up in the dead sea,

while peeping hot babes

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I was there two weeks ago. It was very pleasant. I'm moving there in a year.


The girls aren't stuck up, it's a different culture with a different language and different ideas. One night stands and short term relationships aren't as normal as in America. Also, Israelis have gruffer personalities in general, they'll tell you exactly whats up with no sugar.


edit: quick note the hottest chicks are in the air force. (light tan uniforms)

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i used to fuck around with this dope red headed Israelie girl, i fucked that one up nice and proper.

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Free *Palistine.


Really? I'll take two!
















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DUDE, i cant believe you started this thread.

I was gonna rant about this in my photothread.

Im in Eilat right now and both of my heads are about to fall out


Iv been walking around for three days shit is driving me CRAZY!!

Shit is intence, there are hundreds of them walking around looking fly as fuck.

Some carrie fully autos. I did not believe in marriage before i got here.

If i get to wife one of these uber hot israeli smuts id put a ring on her ASAP!!

im in the hotel lobby and every few seconds i see a new one passing by.

Man, i can go on for ever. I doubt i will get married with anything but a israeli girl or even better a russian israeli!!

Good thread, il try to snap as much perv flicks and post once im back!!!!!!

word up.


Edit/ Reading some posts i will agree with MAR and others, the girls are stuck up and they will tell you to fuck off with a quickness.

The only way you i see people hooking up is if you have $$$ and speak hebrew.

Or if you are lucky enough to catch one drunk as fuck and u drop some uber swag on her.

Other than that, good luck!

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Im not gonna lie tho, im sifting through a lot of images of caked on nutty looking jews. Case in point:


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yeah I get the feeling jewish broads wouldn't be the easiest to pickup, just becuase of cultural differences in saying that though...


I was at this guy's house who was on holidays he just came over from Israel, there were a fair few jewish girls there and I was getting the fuck me looks from all of them I was on flippers and was fair fucked up. They were with some other peeps who i presumed were there boyfriends but later I found out they weren't needless to say i regretted not attempting on these girls because I was on a few flippers and horny as fuck at the time.

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I would suggest having a sexy bisexual girlfriend. that pretty much improves your chances with hot chicks with guns. im assuming alot of those isreali girls could go both ways when the time is right.

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