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fathers day resentment/still feel obligated


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I haven't talked to my dad in a couple years. I should, but I'm stubborn and the last thing I want to do is argue over the same old shit he can't seem to let go of.


ive been trying to write a letter home without starting a "disagreement"

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thats stupid beer glass picture says mum instead of mom. do you shitty people that write like that pronounce it mum or mom? muhm? or mahm? or someshit like however youd write how americans say it.

anyway, no no beef with my dud (instead of dad, get it), but thanks for reminiding me to call. I did forget to send a gift, which sucks, I feel bad about that, not even a card. damn.

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I am going to jail to visit my dad for father's day.

It takes 3-4 hours to go through the whole visitors

process. I was going to bring him pictures

and nice stuff but they dont allow that.

Last time I went they told me I couldn’t have wires in my

bra. It made me self conscious and hate jail.

I know precautions are like necessary and all

but I mean there is that thick glass separating

me and the prisoner, if it was a really awesome piece of

glass I wouldn’t have to go through weird crap like awkwardly

crouching in my car so no one can see me try to

take that thick wire out of my 40 dollar something undergarment

(in other words destroying it)

so I can get past a metal detector hassle free.

Today I am going prepared:

Ziploc baggie including quarters for soda machine, napkins with that chemical

crap on it so I can disinfect the phone, and sportsbra.

I do not resent my father for all

of this but I do hate jail. A lot.

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