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I found Twinky.

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You probably crooked as the last trick; want it light

but how I got my ass caught up with this bad bitch

Thinkin I had her but she had me in the long run

It's just my luck I'm stuck with fuckin with the wrong one,

Wise decisions, based on lies we livin

Scandalous times, this game's like my religion

You could be rollin with a thug

Instead you with this weak scrub, lookin for some love

In every club, I see you starin like you want it

Well baby if you got it better flaunt it

Let the liquor help you get up on it

I'm still tipsy from last night

Bumpin these walls as I pause, addicted to the fast life

I try to holla but you tell me you taken

Sayin you ain't impressed, with the money I'm makin

Guess it's true what they tellin me

Fresh out of jail, life's Hell for a black, celebrity

So that's the reason why I call, and maybe you widdit

Fantansies of us sweatin, can I hit it?

Addicted to the things you do, but still true

What I'm sayin Boo, is this is all about you

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Slid through the club late all I need is a hour

Like they told me lil' homie money is power

Ran the streets all day I'm fresh out the shower

Watch how a goon rock let me show you my volume

Check my track record homie all I beat is stallions

I done smashed already shit you can have her

If you want her better catch her better gon' snatch her

Want straight animals over here, no hackers

Better put the cuffs on her 'fore the goons pack her

When we leave the club watch you follow after

Y'all ain't groupies baby stop bein' embarrassed

This one here in the book, this a closed chapter

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