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Girl wakes up with 56 star tattooes on face.

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Link to video^


Her Dad is infact, DAO himself.



"18-year old Kimberley Vlaeminck from Kortrijk, Belgium, has pressed charges against a tattoo-artist. She asked for 3 stars but the tatoo artist tattooed 56 stars on her face without her even noticing. 'Look at me, i'm ugly,' she said. The girl is afraid to show up at work. Kimberley is in shock.


Last sunday she went with her father Diego, her boyfriend and her sister to the tattooshop Tattoo Box in Kortrijk. She always wanted to get 3 dots tattooed next to her left eye. Her dad wanted even to pay for them as a family tradition. The tattooman convinced the girl to choose stars in place of dots.


Kimberley said the communication was not very good. The man only spoke French and Kimberley speaks Flemish and a little bit of English.


When her family went for icecream, Kimberley got tattooed. 'I told him I only needed 3 stars but he kept on going. I asked him 3 times to stop. Suddenly he asked me if he had to color the 2 big stars. I didn't know what he was talking about. At that time my father stepped in.'


Daddy Diego was furious. Kimberley told her dad that she must have fallen asleep.


The tattoo guy, Rouslain Toumaniantz (37), originally from Paris, told us that's impossible. 'Getting your face tattooed is so painfull, sleeping is out of the question. The girl asked for those stars. She was very happy with the result but now she blames me because her father is angry. I can't fix it, I have no laserinstallation to remove the tattoos. I can give her a reduction but that's it.'


Kimberley Vlaeminck does not want to wait. 'I want the stars to be gone! I'm afraid to show myself anywhere because i'm ugly.'"


- Het Laatste Nieuws



She's lieing, you don't fall asleep with 56 star tattooes on your face.



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If this bitch fell asleep while she got 56 tattoos on her face, she needs to fight Chuck Norris.



Also, pics of said face??!!

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So she had a tough time going outside because of the tattoos,


But no problem letting the whole world know who she is and what happened?



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