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Following the huge success of FEAR NO ART 2, FEAR NO ART is back with a 3rd installment and is better than ever!


FEAR NO ART 3 is an exhibition focused on original, versatile, and culturally diverse art—featuring prolific artists whose influences range from contemporary, pop, low brow, graffiti, and other street art forms.


We are dedicated to promoting and exposing these underground art forms to a larger audience by bringing together some of today’s best artists from Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco!


Artist Line-Up:

Boston- Deme5, Enamel Kingdom, Frantz Cadet, Kenji Nakayama, Kwest, Margaret Singer, Sarah Laws, Marka27, Massiel Grullon, NineRevolutions, Problak

New York- Cope2, Pen "Tha Black Krayon", Lichiban

Los Angeles- David Flores, Kofie, Sherm, Werc Alvarez

San Francisco- Jesse Hernandez

And sounds by: DJ's Gucci-Vutton and T-wreXX


Check out the blog frequently for updates on featured artists and show information! http://www.fearnoart3.blogspot.com

You can also follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fearnoart3

and look us up on Fusicology: http://www.fusicology.com...rid=43&id=23061


We hope you come out to "The Achilles Project" on June 21st from 6PM to 11PM to partake in the FEAR NO ART experience!


"The Achilles Project"

283 Summer St ,Boston 02210



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Some pretty interesting stuff.


That FFFound website seems pretty cool. I was actually surprised how much of the stuff I enjoyed after browsing the first couple pages.

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some of the art are just scribbles and that but their are some pretty good stuff up it.

oh and cplove.com is a good one too like short fuse said

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Eco artist Edina Tokodi has always been known for her moss graffiti work, but now she has created a portrait for the Fort Green Garden Walk event. Made completely out of succulent plants with white panels atop, the project perfectly create a portrayal of the human face.




This is incredible!!!

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That ffffound site is awesome! Good find.





This alone...


if those stairs are functional, I can't imagine using them after a solid night of boozin'

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