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My buddy's been shitting his brains out from an acai berry juice he's been drinking lately- his thoughts:


Acai Berry crap stench


open a window


my asshole just blow'd/


i had corn last night


brown juicy and light/


toilet paper aint it


pass me the shit mit


aka the Schmit/


filthy brown do do who knew


4 ounces of berry fruit


turning your ass into a skin flute/


blowing ass wind with a cadaver smell


stomach on the cusp


cant stand up


my hole might blow/


Moby Dick shits


bigger than my dick, shit


its between my legs


pissing on the side of the bowl/


water splashes in my asshole


toilet water enema


do dos theres like ten of ya/


courtesy flush so i can breath


have to shit in alleys and use my sleeve/


berry juice drippin im rippin


pass the Schmit/


finger my asshole, hemorrhoid love


prep h on the middle finger with a gritty nub/

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ass cheek gleek


brown water comin out my ass while i sleep


countin sheep


smellin like lynn beach


wipe my ass with a nautica fleece


then wear it out that night


using public bathrooms without a light


pushing with all my my might


popin hemorrhoids its a shitty night


raining do do juice like chocolate moose


my stools is loose


coffee enema boast decaf


shittin shafts ass water carafes


back water splash


smoking dingle berry hash


from my never ending ass crack hair stash


ass holes red with a rash smellin like trash


dam i got gas rippin ass at mass


not even the frankincense can mask


i left do do butter on the kneeler


and a brown stain on the bench


my clothes have a shitty stench


my assholes clenched


im bout to shit my pants


taking shits in ya moms plants


thats shitty flowers


water them with my golden showers


spray a bitch with diarear in a bukakae seen


my pants are so shitty Toomeys wont even clean

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ass cheek gleek freak

might think of sumpin less weak

to type up in this creek

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stick my penis on yer tongue in between yer cheeks

so you can't speak


oh, wait that still won't stop you from using the keyboard to type things on the oontz

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