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earl broclo ESQ

Skateboard videos were important

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So I've got this box of skateboard videos sitting in my parent's basement. When I moved into a smaller apartment, I decided to downsize and get rid of a bunch of shit. I threw out over 200 cassette tapes, I sold shitloads of CD's and VHS movies. I gave away a shitload of movie posters, some from France, Germany, Italy, etc. It was tough to get rid of all that shit, but I had to do it. So when it came down to it, what did I keep? All my comic books, baseball cards, and a rather large collection of "Choose your own adventure" books.





With those, sit a box full of skateboard videos. I talked to my father the other day, and he asked "what the hell do you want to do with all that shit in my basement?" So I think I'm going to try and sell them on E-Bay. I don't know how much you can get for old VHS skate videos, but I need to get rid of them, and I can't throw them away. I'd rather they go to someone who will watch them.


So anyways, this got me thinking that nobody will want to buy this shit, because they can just go on youtube.



These are some of the reasons I have separation anxiety with my skateboard videos.


The first skateboard video I bought for myself, was H-Street's "Shackle Me Not."





Around the same time, my friend bought "Ban This."




There was five kids in the neighborhood who skated, and we used to watch the videos in my buddy's basement.



When this next clip came on, we were all cool with the first half, but once the Chuck Treece music started, we were blown away. We used to rewind that, constantly.


Paulo Diaz, Gabriel Rodriguez, Guy Mariano, and Rudy Johnson


I eventually came across a copy of Rubbish Heap, which was so fucking bootleg and so fucking great.






Mike Vallely


Then Mark Gonzales started Blind with Jason Lee. Blind Video days pretty much crushed everything for me when it came out.




Rudy Johnson



and of course, God


I can't find a Guy Mariano clip, because Warner Bros music won't release the rights to the Jackson Five track.


Then Plan B's "Questionable" came out, and I was 17. A very goofy fucking 17 year old kid. This video changed my friends and I, and I think skateboarding in general.


All the techy nerds got to beat off to:





Here's some raw footage of

. I couldn't find any clips, due to someone not allowing rights Del.


Then in 1993, they put out Virtual Reality.



Mike Carroll and Rick Howard




Around 1994, I pretty much gave up. There are a ton of other videos, I'm just to lazy right now to look. I'll add more later, but figured I'd get the basics out of the way.



What videos got you amped to skate?

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I've got some old skate vids that someone gave me but none of them are older than 96.


I do have the first flipside video fanzine on vhs though :)


its god Social Distortion, M.D.C, T.S.O.L, Descendents, Circle Jerks, Husker Du, Black Flag, and a few other bands.

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I remember when Life put out "Soldier's Story." I was always psyched on John Reeves and The Donger, so this video was big for me. It's crazy watching this shit, I probably haven't seen this in at least 15 years.



I found a link for Kien Lieu's clip --but the music is a little "off." Well, when I say "off" --you'll seewhat I mean.




This asshole edited out John Reeves, and put in this gay ass music. What a douche!


In about 1991, I came across a copy of Sick Boys. Good footage, sick soundtrack. Shit was great.


Sick Boys teaser


This shit is over 20 years old now.


Public Domain had this one part that I used to watch constantly.


Public Domain (1988) SB Rubber Boys-Chapman, Bradley, Hill




Mike Vallely in "Speed Freaks"


Natas Kaupus in "Speed Freaks"


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video days FTW


old skate rags clothing..


fanny packs/nh


shoes with lace savers


different colored wheels..


impossibles/no ed templeton

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Damn, I know how you feel about this sort of thing earl. i relate it to my surfing video collection, from around the same era, with all the Poor Specimen videos, .....lost videos, and all things in between. Best thing about the PS videos were the soundtracks, plus the worlds best surfers doing what they do. I had a ton of them at my mums place and they are probably still there in a storage box, much like my NES/SuperNES/etc etc

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P.S. earl, do not get rid of those fucking videos. You will never get much for them, and they are fucking rad man. I say invest in one of those DVD VHS combo's, and keep em around for as long as possible.

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Forget the videos. I'm all about the "choose your own adventure" books! I used to be strung out on those as a kid.

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That first book though sounds awesome. I used to love reading those as a kid, hell, I would read one now if I could find one!

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