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And Microsoft feels it needs to always be the best...


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Apparently the series will no longer don the "Call of Duty" title. Rumor has it Infinity Ward didn't like what Activision did with World at War. So it will now be an independent Modern Warfare series since Activision can't give up the WWII scenarios, still. This series actually has a story, which is why the campaign mode was so fucking good in the first Modern Warfare.


And I am going to punch out the first person who calls it "Call of Duty 6".

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Yeah yeah we know. Nintendo was I think trying to bring the older crowd into mix along with making it more family orientated. Understandably so with the amount to technology going around these days. They did a great job and the wii is fun as shit. So with the next step a financially able company brings in the future of such invented game play.....Microsoft. Which being such a vast company and owning while making so much should be called Plethorasoft. Yeah my corny joke for the day.


Just saying though. We go from thumbs only as per the first game systems, to all finger usage, now the Wii swings in and we use our arms, the Fit introduced and WOW we use our legs and feet as well OH MY!!, next comes Microsoft with full body motion capture along with voice recog........awww man Im tired of this movement Im tired of this work.... <<that brings, while already having the social laziness of not leaving home to have fun or communicate, full on mental play. Thus makes us lazy lards full shit.

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It looks like the Sony Eye Toy, with some DS voice recognition thrown in. I'm not really sure why everyone is straight comparing it to the Wii.



i've read some more on this. it's three cameras.


the presenter for milo is known for not providing what he promises.


i'm thinking this is hype, but it's still pretty neat.


also, i guarantee this will cost a ton.

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this is not creepy at all

im sure it doesnt come with irreversable consequences that dooms mankind


as for that new xbox, its has a sinister vibe

not that id ever buy it, too much work involved in the gameplay

chupacabra explained it well


it probably has aim assist too

fuck that


id like to see how metal gear solid works for this though

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thats the nature of talk they used about the kool aid in jonestown!


sign me up for 50, so i can implant them in a manner that are protruding slightly from my forehead as a microsoft logo


you know, to get the girls & such




you'll have all the girls you want if you just take the chip.




did i mention the neat games?

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man, if buying 50 chips isnt enough, they better not be weird virtual girls with gigabytes for nipples that come for free with the chip anyway, but a busload of victoria secret models


before any legitimate transactions are made, ill need you to fly over one model from said company that i can wife as a sign of your sponsors good faith


or 20

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