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I drink a bunch of coffee through the day in an attempt to wake the fuck up, only to find myself way more tired + mentally drained / depressed by the time I'm off work.



It seems like the only women that are gonna be in my life (sexually/romantically) just aren't fuckin cool.


I have to work to keep someone else wealthy, in order to keep a roof over my head and have some modest but quality material shit

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When you run out of weed in the middle of the night and you know you can't get more because your dealer is sleeping.

When a cool writer grows a huge ego as they progress and get better.

When friends push their friends away because they can't handle love.

When you have to sleep on the streets in the rain and cold because you are drunk and lost in an unfamiliar city.

When people say they hate hypocrites when they are a huge hypocrite themselves.


"If you want to stab someone with a needle, you must first stab yourself with a sword"

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When I get caught in the middle of drama between supposed/ex friends.

When I accidentally put too much hot sauce or hot peppers on something and it ruins my meal and makes me shit flames the next day.

When I get a spontaneous rager right as I'm about to get off the bus and I have to choose between pulling the Darcy Tucker or just walking triumphantly to the doors. It's usually the latter.


/no fucks

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i hate it when i spend time packing a good ass lunch for work and then forget that shit and realize when its impossible to turn around and retrieve it without being late.


i hate it when a good homey for whatever reason decides to to hang around with a new group of people and youre automatically supposed to chill and enjoy these peoples company even though you got nothing in common.


i hate it when i miss the first part of the game and my teams losing, and i automatically get that feeling that if i woulda been there watching from the start the score would be completely different.


i hate it when a female cops a girlfriend attitude with you when youre not dating or fucking.


i hate it when they take down albums/songs off youtube due to copyright infringements.


i hate it when i stick warm beer in the freezer to chill it faster and then i forget about it.


i hate it when i forget to charge my phone.

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soap gets inside the tip of my dick and it stings


when u get a backwoods and u unroll it and its all fucked up with stems going every way possible with a hole in the fucking center


when u just wanna eat some acid and go into the wilderness but you cant because u gotta get money to get there

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