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when youre having a good time drunking & stoning with friends then someone (almost a random) decides to be cool by hooking up the laptop to the tv & starts putting on death videos/random efukt shit


the hells the matter with ya.. youre purposefully throwing viruses in yer head, boye. not to mention ruining the vibe of the whole room

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when foul, good-looking dumb whores expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter.. as in move the fuck out of the way, bitch - did you not just see me step more than halfway to the side for you? now you do your part.. its simple! how you gonna be such a useless cumdumpster made of skin? youre gonna look right at me, see that ive done my part, refuse to exercise the slightest understanding of common curtesy (because youve achieved sooo much/have brought meaning to this world), purposely bump into me, then scowl/say some dumb whore shit as if youre teaching me a lesson because im not one of those dumb fucks to buy you a car for a suck?


jesus christo potato, lady.. please dont od at your next coke party - the world really needs ya

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When I realize sometimes that I'm a hater.


When people don't say thank you when you hold the door for them---especially if you hold the door for them and wait like 5 seconds for them to get at the door behind you. You're welcome, bitch.


When co-workers are in a bad mood and makes it impossible to communicate, thus creating the impossibility to perform your job.

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rude people in general. I work a shift at a store, and this asshole always comes in and points at the things he wants to look at. Half the time he's on his phone, and loud as fuck. He's so rude, and always asks "Why is this so much money?" Um, cause the expert who priced it knows it's rare and not in circulation anymore, and it's of high quality. If you don't like the price don't buy it you stupid cocksucking turd.


more of an angry rant but yeah, rude people are the worst.

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When I wake up early and create plans in my head on how I'll get ready early and get a good breakfast and shit... when in reality I just snooze more and wake up 5 minutes later than I usually do.


When other chicks hog up the bathroom mirror but they're not using the sink but it's the only one not being used. Bitch I need to wash my hands properly and get back to trying on the last pair of size 5's

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when youre constantly let down & reminded of how 90% of writers dont have a brain or heart (usually both). guess im not having much of a heart either by rambling like this, but meant the other kind..


how are you going to be so stupid that when you may or may not have just racked some shit & they fully suspect you, youre gonna go pay for some dingleberry item, then take up their offer to show them your fucking id for a ronald measly 10% discount? mad. fucking. stupid.. how have you even made it this far with that little common sense? shits vast, wild, & retarded


then go "duhhrrrr hey man, can you take me?" before flaking out more than half of the time by ghosting on you for weeks.. theyve complained about a friend pulling shit like this on them & when you point out the irony & tell them all this, their answer is always "nooo mannn, it aint like that - youre like a brother to me!" uhhh no - not when youre pissing in my ear & trying to convince me that its rain. the next day, they have the nerve to pound their chest ever so proudly in front of other people & say "naw yo, i never flake!" ew no. just no


how about when they look you in the eyes & agrees about some shit, then fully backpeddle in the same day when youre already fucking halfway there..? with the excuse getting bolder & dumber? - from "idk man", to "honestly man, i never agreed. i never said that"


fuck off & stop wasting my time. thankfully cut that deadweight out of my life today.. enough of this shit, i can only forgive someone so many times before realizing that theyre a complete dumbass whos just putting stress on me when i shouldnt even bother regarding the slightest expectation in common sense. thanks (sincerely) for helping me out in a desperate time of need, but simply cant let you ride on that forever because youre just fucking up left, right, & centre



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i hate it when you pick up a great looking girl at the bar (worst place to pick up chicks i know) and you hit it off with her (or so you think).


the girl gives you her number, youre not even that drunk and neither is she, and you spend hours chillin and talking over a few beers.


you make a point out of not buying her too many drinks to test the waters and make sure shes not just in it for the free booze. she makes a point of paying for almost all of her own drinks, saying that shes not about that shit and that youd better call her the next day because she really likes you and wants to hang out.


then you text her the next day because that 3 day no contact rule is for fags and you dont wanna get caught slipping. she responds with the obligatory "who is this" which is followed by your response, "its ***** you gave me your number at *******, lets go for lunch like we were talking about last night".


and then nothing. no response, nothing. you have enough pride not to push the issue, and thats that. you start resenting the bitch. wondering what went wrong. but nothing went wrong. you just most likely coddled a bitch whos boyfriend was out partying with his friends and she was out with hers. she needed some attention, and you gave it to her. thats it thats all.


hate that shit. still really wanna fuck her :(

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I hate it when you're watching a show or a movie on tv, while cooking some food or making a sammich or something.


Then when youre finally done preparing your food and you sit down to enjoy your meal in front of the show/movie, it immediately cuts to commercial.

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I hate it when people play games n their phone or whatever...loud enough for everyone to hear. (ive been taking public transportation for a few months and it gets really annoying)


I hate it when people crinkle empty water bottles.


I hate the one audience member who coughs frequently during any type of stage production.


i hate when people finish your sentences

and/or when they ask you a question and then answer it for you---


"what ya doin....reading?" no bitch, im smelling the pages of this book.



alsoo when the they try to talk to you when you have earbuds in.

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