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some of the higher ups are coming to inspect at work and i know ahead of time but don't get the books in order because there's only one or 2 things written down in them and i figure i have time, but by the day of their visit there's a bunch of shit to do and it's a last minute scramble to fix it.


some indigent motherfucker scratching his hair or fidgeting in front of me on the bus or subway.

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i hate people with young kids always talking about how precious their little seed is, fuck that shit.

i hate it when im just tryin to talk to a sexy girl and holdin in all my beer farts and slowly dying on the inside. (spontaneous combustion?)

i hate it when im just tryin to finish in her ass and she wakes up and freaks out like WHO ARE YOU?

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when homeless people grunt gruffly at you as if theyre offended & straight up turn down food. then stop taking up space on the sidewalk & just die already, motherfucker


when you offer to buy a homeless dude some food because hes begging you for money, then he gets in line for cigarettes. i was just like fuckthat.jpg, then left


when you know some insane looking/cracked out bitch is about to ask you for money, but she starts off with" excuse me sir? excuse me? please, do you have a minute? im NOT asking for money.. but my name is this & ive been through a stroke - do you have $35 to spare?


holee fuck - zombies

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^wont lie.. i can relate to that. not looking to vilify, but to rather verify who.. & move away. kinda like your holding your breath thing within range of stinky ass people (or who you suspect of smelling less than pleasant)


i_r - twas in the middle of the night.. i was waiting there anyway.. fuck getting played by homeless people who think theyre smooth freals. wish you could see some bums from my old neighbourhood - funniest unintentional homeless comedians.. one old dude had a scruffy ass beard with a few beads tied into it. he stood outside my homestop everyday with a harmonica, looking doped up as fuck. hed just stand close to the door, so everyone had to pass/smell him while he grilled them & grumbled unintelligibly. then every few minutes, hed play a single half-assed note into his harmonica, sort of grin & just say "spaaare a loonie???". the description doesnt really do him any justice


this other lady worked the opposite corner (probably crew). she sat in an electric wheelchair & literally just yelled "spare change" for hours nonstop, but extremely rudely. & when she commuted with her chair to the spot, she floored that shit & almost hit everyone out of the way


& then theres the crazy lady with the elephantiasis legs who screamed at me for no reason once


aite, done derailing

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BLAH BLAH BLAH, summarized version of my wall of text. stupid hoe with razor bumps from being a hairy shebitch told me that my id isn't valid because its not a state issued id and wouldn't let me buy smokes. completely disregarding the fact that its issued by the united states government and is valid everyfucking where. i told her to go fuck herself, she chimped out (not a racist pun, she really looked like she could have been one of those planet of the ape types) and i miss the pakistani dude that ran it because they don't id for shit.

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looking for a job knowing that it will never be enough to pay back school debt.


none of your friends like to do shit


come to the conclusion that you may not have any friends actually.


looking at heads like chief keef and how you know you could rap circles around his entire clique.


no one wants to buy your beats.


You can replay your life in your head no problem due to lack of experiences.


when suicide seems like a good idea.


when you feel you were born in the wrong time.



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when u need to take a shit and u think you will find a nice handicap washroom but some asshole like yourself made it there before and left a fuckin mess that was yours to make.


when your can of silver clogs and everyone is just telling u that u should shake it but u know it wont fucking help anyway


when you get that look from some old bitch on the subway who smells kush and looks at u like ur some kind of leper, fuckin cunt i should hotbox your living room and get ur whole family ripped.


when ur fingertips are about to fall off and all ur tryin to do is do ur forcefield and get the fuck out of there


when i find a grey hair on my ballsac? damn these muthafuckas breakin ma balls man


when u wake up with a fuckin dry mouth all dehydrated and shit from a night of wreckless drunkardness and chainsmoking blunts and no amount of water helps rehydrate you

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looking at heads like chief keef and how you know you could rap circles around his entire clique.





































































































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