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I hate when some stupid bitch is an annoying ass stupid bitch thats stuck up and ugly and cock blocks everyone and mentions rape and how every guys a rapist... <(At parties.).. I hate when I'm driving and some stupid people in another car keep staring with stupid ass faces and are obliviously talking shit too. But most of all I fucking hate when someone puts me one blast and is lying too and everyone around believes em or like when they say "cmon dude stop fucking up" or some shit like that while I'm chillin... I feel like going postal at times...

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I hate it when I haven't fucked my gf all week and then she pulls down my pants we fuck real good and I bust a nut but not much comes out cause I have been cheating on her with all my close friends

And she will look up at me and say that's it wow and I explain that I have been beating off twice a day and think about her while doing so looking ashamed

It does get you points though

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Your girlfriend actually looks at the cum?


I hate it when you get lint and shit on your dick after you nut and it's already in your pants.


Yes cause she is on birth control and I dont wear a condom with her so I usually nut on her stomach or inside her when I nut on her stomach she gets excited with how much comes out she's like god damn that's allot hopefully I dong get caught Smelling like other girls she always wonder what I do with all my free time

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i hate when after good night you learn some shit a bout a good homie............ a ace born coon a...................... mutha fucken dude you would die for ..puts all that in question.....

really i shouldn't have to question that............. dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



after this nothing will be said on the matter..........

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I hate it when people wake me up

While I'm having awesome dreams.

I hate when girls act like they don't

Suck dick and are deep throating you

Asking you if they are doing it right

In the back of your mind your like girl

You ain't brand new but you can't say

Shit I hate it when grown ass men hand


Five or more dollars in change

I hate it when cops try and act tuff when they are only

Humans with a heavy badge I hate it when girls grab my ass

Or try and suck or lick my nipples that shit don't move me bro

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I hate it when some goddamned dumb as fuck receptionist acts like they have some sort of authority at a place of business. Motherfucker just put me through to who I asked to speak with. It's not of your fucking business why I'm calling. Go back to refreshing your facebook page or whatever dumb women do when they sit in front of a fucking computer.

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when the receptionist calls every minute


when no one at work seems to be able to wipe their ass without your help


when the boss has unrealistic expectations or stupid requests


when leaving work is like some sortof spy movie and i have to get out without being seen, lest people see me and tell me all the stupid shit i have to fix


when that one guy doen't knock, he just busts in my office like he's fuckin kramer


when anyone makes stupid requests

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I hate it when i try and post, but get told i have to sign in only to be told I'm already signed in followed by signing out of 'not being signed in' so i can be redirected to some social media profile and have to find and re-click forum and search for the thread - mind you without the useless search function provided by the forum (that's a whole 'nother rant) - just so i can drop an animated gif or chime in.



Is this a firefox problem? or is this the whole site? because it might have something to do with forum activity as of late

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