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when people brake in the freeflow lane.


when i lose my debit card and then the bank makes me change the pin ive had for the last 20 years.


when cabdrivers think theyre being sneaky and try to take the long way home.


when you go to a new restaurant for the first time and it does not live up to expectations.


when you rant and rave about how good a restaurant is to a girl you just started dating and then the food sucks.


when a dumb bitch decides to back her dodge ram into my coupe and write it off and then the insurance company seems to think its worth less than it is.


when my girl decides to tell me shes really starting to enjoy dubstep.


when theres three radio stations that play the exact same type of music all day errday.


when im blunted and stare at the screen of my computer trying to figure out what to watch on youtube.


when you owe the government money and they decide to harass you daily for it, yet im still waiting for my tax return and its been a month.


when i realize that ive just spent the last ten minutes thinking about shit that pisses me off and documenting it on an internet forum.

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When I see flicks of women covered in tattoos. It's fucking masculine. It doesn't matter if they try to give it a feminine twist by getting images of fairies reclining on toadstools and skulls with roses in the eye sockets printed on their skin. The worst ones, in my opinion, are those shoulder-to-shoulder tattoos that go across the chest. Why do these women ruin their nice pair of tits by having an obtrusive image of a flaming banner with italic font hovering over them? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a trend where women wear boxer shorts. ''Ohhh, yeaaah, I love it when chicks wear boxer shorts. The fact that the material doesn't cling to their hips is fapworthy. No form. Nothing! Except for a crack line.''



When you confidently play a game, get really far and avoid saving it only for the game to freeze within minutes after an opportunity to save, even worse when you predict that it would happen and it does.



When sales people ask if you need any help as soon as you walk in a shop and you know what you want to buy, and when you do want their help, they're either not around or are seemingly listening to a customer's life story, which probably would take 10 minutes for them to finish.



When I try to take a quick photo of something but the memory card is full.

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simple solution to that last one is moist wipes. i use 3 or 4 sandwiched together per wipe for epic shits but if i make straight bunny poops i'll only use 2. i seldom need more than 4 at once but it has happened. i used to go through half a roll a day but moms wasn't haven't that and i remember thinking to myself "why the hell can't i figure out how to wipe my ass" but then i discovered moist wipes and i've been good to go ever since.

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