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Hate it when people update their facebook constantly....

example...my friend went to a diddy concert (dumbass already)

"omg the show is about to start"

2 min later... "omg diddy just came out!"

4 min later "omg!!!! it's such a great concert"

10 min later "omg....."


etc....shut the fuck up....enjoy the moment...nobody gives a fuck and you can tell your great story after the concert....FUCK



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I'm getting sick of doing this nurgas homework. I'm too fucking nice. He will try to throw me sticks or somas and i really dont want em. The shit turns me into a sociopath. Don't want it around me. His girl will probably come over too. A person i have little patience for, and really.... He shouldn't need any more help. I gave him my project from last semester. I got an A on it. Planning, designing, and implementing an Apache web server. Sure the parameters are a little different. The assignment was changed but the steps and format are the same. I gave him like 20 pages, a huge head start. The whole point of this is to gain skills and become employable. If you half step the whole way thru and don't learn anything what you gonna do if you land a job. I kno thats not on me but really now. I have 4 classes of my own. 3 projects due in a week, 4 final exams and a thick homework packet. None of these are intro classes and this guy is tryin to come over for 3 or 4 hours. I dont really even feel like doing my own homework. The shit isn't exactly easy or enjoyable. Not like im getting paid to do it. In fact i just cut a check a week ago for $600. Books will probably cost another $150. If I didn't need a ride to a show next month.... I mean... i dont mind helping someone from time to time but this been going on for like 2 years now.

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