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no effort food

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How many of you come home starving as hell, tipsy, but don't want to get into a huge cooking session? This is a never ending battle for me. I'm always looking for something wholesome and filling but with no effort.




and finally plain bread


What do you do?

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pasta.. you can never go wrong with any type of pasta. You can boil the water, put the noodles in, drain the water and put the sauce in, stir and eat right out of the pot. Surprisingly easy.

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For me "no effort" foods are a little bit different.

When I want to make something easy, I do something like baked mac n cheese or pasta with veggies and olive oil.

I really want to get another pressure cooker because those rule hard for making beans super fast.

We had one back in Austin and I was always making pots of beans for dinner.

Just throw in some dry beans, chopped celery and onion, and a few bay leaves..put that shit on to cook for 30 minutes then add in some cumin,molessas, creole seasoning, veggie boullion cubes, garlic powder, and smoke seasoning.

Steam some rice and there's dinner.


We don't have a microwave and typically don't really ever have premade frozen foods in the freezer.

When I am grocery shopping I really don't ever think about buying anything like that.

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oen of my favorite quick meals

real cheap can make alot of it fast and its good and filling


a big ass bag of frozen peas and carrots

a couple of chicken breasts cut up into small chunks

marinade the shit out of the chicken with lemon and pepper(optional duh)

if not just throw all that into the wok/frying pan with some kind of a curve

throw mad soy sauce on it

if im really ballin make mad white rice to go with it

5 minute stir fry/5$ stiry fry

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you gotta toast them shits though


and i've been makin this recently, just dump it and boil




italian fuckin wedding, with the meatballs and shit, this is the jump off right here

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