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UK Hip Hop/Grime/Dubstep MegaThread v2!!!!

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if i never hear dubstep again thats too soon.

i cant wait for it to go back into the hole of obscurity it crawled out of.




jungle and 2step is still where its at, always and forever








i dont mind a bitta dmz every now and again though

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this movie is fucking awesome... highly recommend it if your a fan of martial arts films..



also who's the track by?

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getting "pegged" eh?



our taste in music doesnt line up, your offended to the point that u give me neg props on here? . im not gonna tell you your lame, or party in the wrong spots, i dont give a fuck where you go to listen to that shit you posted...but i enjoy the music i listen to with out drugs or some dressed up 17 year olds rubbing sweaty ass arms against me. and no, i dont enjoy getting pegged..what ever the fuck that is. the whole argon label is crushing. the jam i am mixes are awesome too, eton messy is a bit poppy/club/w.e else u want to call it. but I enjoy it.

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High Focus records. Nuff said. I live in Canada and I've been bumping UK hip hop for a couple years now. The contrast in skill between American and UK hip hop is depressing.

Contact Play:

Jam Baxter:

Dirty Dike:

Leaf Dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8S4G8ttdSQ

Ed Scissortongue:



Also Jehst and Task Force hold it down proper:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5WQmerE0lo (another cliche graff track that you all probably know already, but still sick)


Is it just me or do like 95% of UK rappers do rapspray letters?

Also Devilman always gives me a few laughs, fucking character:

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mr. bungle is hands down the gayest shit ive ever heard.

dude i was apprenticing under would play that shit in the shop all the time.

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