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UK Hip Hop/Grime/Dubstep MegaThread v2!!!!

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gold dust - flux pavilion


pantyraid - get the money


flux pavilion - got to know



roksonix - over (drake remix)



chasing shadows - red



subscape - nothings wrong



thank me later..

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widdler remix of my boy surpass. tune is called "losing you"





Oh wow! Surpass is one of the homies as well, looks like he's blowing up, getting recognition from people like widdler. Thats great.


Has anyone seen Mount Kimbie? I'm thinking of going to see them, but they are playing in another city by me, wanna make sure its worth the drive. They kind of remind me of burial, which has been playing on my ipod at least once a day for a couple months now.

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for those who care, here is a little choon I've been working on.. still a work in progress.



the use of the formants could be extended with an added e or i


and is that a square bass thats in the mid?


oh and you got a comment on your soundcloud track from me

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I've been listening to a few dubstep sets, especially the darker sets lately and like it.

The problem is I don't really know shit about dubstep and wasted my time and bandwidth dl'ing random stuff.

If anyone got links to sites where you can preview live sets and download for free, hook it up, I've seen them for other stuff but not dubstep.

Not really into albums or LP's, just sets, only dark shit, last set I downloaded and liked was titled "Gerila X3M".

No idea, guessing it's the DJ's name or some shit.


If anyone has links for darker live sets, or good sites where I can learn, hook it up for your boy across the pond.

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