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Guest willy.wonka

i get to play SANTA!!! ?

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Guest willy.wonka

not only do i get to eat the cookies!i get to write the letter santa leaves for all his "watched over"ones...

this is kinda hard,maybe my family is training me to become the new "head of the house"...i am away from my mother and brothers and im staying the night over my aunts house....like you wanted to know.

im starting to see everybody lookin to me...

my uncle "Rudy" is the main man right now...at least in my eyes..and even he passes the "hard honor" of family prayer before dinner time to ME...my dad,my dad made everybody luagh....his soul shouted out to everybody!!now that he is gone//passedi hear everybody tellin me how much i'm like him..my uncle "Rudy" tries to have one on one talks with me..he's stressed out..i knew what to say,but i didnt say it..

the hard thing is;i feel the power in my viens..i know i can change the world....at least the one im living in..i just dont use my capability to the full extent.

im still very young.im still scared.i will overstand.

i started this to talk about how cool i thought it was;that im the one whos playing santa...now look at what Wonka has done..

i think im becoming the light of the family..or adding to it..

i think im the only one who keeps it real,thats why...


instead of telling Grandma,"oh,wow!im so happy to see you!how are you?!"...with the fakeness..they come to me and talk real..like one of my good friends..my grandparents talk about "death" with me and "life"..

they have been there and done that and i look to them for some wisdom.the only thing my family tells me not to tell them is,"dont let grandma and grandpa know you smoke cigs.".


im one of few of my generation that does not have any children...yet and im not one of the simpleton geeks in the family...i am known for grafitti and drugs in my family...but i stand hard and tall in my family and i suppose they see that..i suppose i see that..

i think i should do it...for there are a lot of stupid fools in my family that think it should be them...im in competition with my uncle rudy's son...the eldest of my generation..i guess we both have our part to play.for it is family that makes family...right?!

well,i have a big family and we all love each other...


merry christmas to all and to all a good night..ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

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Guest willy.wonka

i know


forgive me...sometimes i blab on the net...lookin to get some cool points..:rolleyes:

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Guest got tha feva

You'll make some girl really proud to be your wifey someday. I think it's very honorble that you hype up your family and you are taking on the responsibility of keeping the family tradition alive.








p.s. try not to eat too many cookies, you might get stuck in the chimney on the way up.

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