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12oz facts:


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-slept in alleyways in various cities

-stolen a UC license plate

-burned out a car

-woken up in other peoples clothing with more money in my pockets than i went out with

-woken up by children at the park at 9 am after a heavy nights drinking (last time this happened i was about 17)

-met jennifer hawkins

-threw a beer at kochie

-slept with girls i didn't/still don't know

-stolen small knick knacks from pretty much every house party ive been to where i dont know the owners

-puked on a stripper during a lap dance


many other things

total apathy preventing typing

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shot this into my eye on purpose because we thought it was funny....


its not funny...it hurt so fuckin bad. i could open my eye fully for well over an hour and my eye was swollen and bright red.


Later was told it can easily blind you...i guess i should think before i act next time..

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i got some more for the list:


stolen a car once

smoked salivia once and then dangled from a four story roof to swing into the top balcony

once claimed i was doing what jesus would do, pulling deads leaves off plants while on acid

i once fought two brothers at the same time

one time i drank all night had the first and last beers from a full keg and then drove home

i once fucked a broad on the side of the freeway

another time i styled a breeze in the parking structure of the mall at 6 pm OUTSIDE the car


some of these are hella funny.....dude says he steals "knick-knacks" from nearly every party hahaha fuckin knick-knacks





im high.

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-Ran up to some random people on a beach and asked them: Are you on shrooms too??

-Got shot at in the L.A. River.

-Fucked an ex at Big Top Locos in DTLA while a bunch of people watched.

-Hit a tag in a Denny's with a spray can. On that claw machine. Then ate.

-Got hit with a crowbar.

-Had my dick in an ex while her parents were three feet away asking what we were doing that night.

-Partied with Max Hardcore.

-Went to a gang bang. Did not bang though.

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