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twinky the kid

this is kind of a reply to the RIP dolla thread...

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first off, ill go ahead and say yes, i know i could have posted this in the RIP dolla thread.


i chose to thread this instead.


so the other day two of my cousins did some hoodrat shit, got caught by the police

and resulted in one of them dying.


i just found out today.




so moms and i were talking about the situation and why it possibly happened.


heres a little backstory on things:


so my cousins live/lived in what is known as the worst part of my city.


we (my sister and i) growing up pretty much lived with them in our early childhood years.


we were over there like every weekend, spent almost every weekend over there, etc...


basically that is where we learned all of our "street smarts" or what have you.


how to fight, steal, and mcguyver shit into other shit, stuff like that.


now back to the point at hand, my family and i live in what is commonly known as the second worst part of town, crazy shit goes down alot but mostly at night and less consistant that where my cousins grew up.

in le mans terms: we had it alot easier than they did growing up.


so while my moms and i were talking about why we think this could have happened, i brought up the whole dolla situation and how people argued that it was a case of poverty vs. lifestyle choices type of ish.

she agreed on how poverty can lead to hoodrat shit.


and it just has me thinking about how, if this is true, that it is really unfortunate that people have to resort to desperate measure to stay afloat.


but on the other hand we talked about how at the same time it can be alot easier to do the right thing (get a job, stay in school, blah blah blah)


idk, i guess i liked this topic and wanted to get more input on it, you know keep this forum going (aside from me posting pronz and dudes getting all butthurt over drawball.)


RIP to my cousin

and plz discuss.

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fuck some police.


the only reason you need them is becuse there is a rift between the haves and have nots

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Poverty is a major issue here. As is education. And to a large extent lifestyle choices.

They all play a part in my opinion.


RIP twinkys cuz.

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