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oontz chat

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dawgs that irc is too nerdified for niggas



maybe it's too niggafied for nerds? huh?




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Harvard> dude you should open up your bloodvessles in your ass with a dildo

<Harvard> then put the drugs up there

<dowmagik> i wish i had some rush still

<dowmagik> those popper things, you ever used that shit

<Harvard> how bout you do what every upstanding druggie does and snort them

<dowmagik> i got so fuckin drunk and high off those things i used a shoelace to tie a rag soaked in rush and tied it around my face

<dowmagik> then beat off

<dowmagik> it was fuckin crazy

<dowmagik> afterwards i was like fuuuck im a weirdo doin this shit

<dowmagik> i read you dont wanna snort this stuff, it burns horribly and doesnt help

<Harvard> Well sounds like you got two choices

<Harvard> anal or oral

<Ferris> sdfgsgdsfg

<Ferris> dfsgdsfgdsgdsg

<Ferris> sdgdsfgdfsg

<Ferris> dfsgdsfgdsfg

<Ferris> dsfgdfsg

<dowmagik> im gonna chew some up

<dowmagik> it would be weird putting something in my ass, let alone a pill

<dowmagik> thank god there isnt an irc thread for you fuckers to put this in hahh

<Jonathon> http://i42.tinypic.com/nycylx.gif

<Harvard> http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=197126705108&h=L5ZsV&u=V3l1H&ref=mf

<Jonathon> im about to post all of that in the tinychat thread

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