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What book are you reading? Part 20

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Started House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski yesterday. Pretty interested so far, but not into the weird formatting/lettering I'm seeing when flipping through the book, we'll see. Other than that I've recently been recommended The Terror by Dan Simmons and Hell House by Richard Matheson, anyone ever read either of those?

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21 Jump: Book Appreciation


Hey you heathens, I searched and didn't find an updated book thread for like 2 years, what the hell, don't any of you read anymore?


Smash or trash this thread I know there are some of you that appreciate the smell of mildew between pages and the crack of the spine when you get halfway through a good book.


Here goes the cherry pop of the first post;



Holy shit I finished this in a day. Man, this shit was hella twisted. Still shudder when I think of parts.



Meh, some chapters were better than others but a good read. Will mail to anyone who's interested. Message me.



fuck cufk cufk cufgkjaksdngakjfb aerib

Why does everything this man puts down on paper read FUCKING GOLD?!?!?!?!?!?!

Man, even his twitter feed is hilarious and thought provoking.

Damn, this book was another I couldn't put down.


Now for the celebratory 12oz shop post...

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Re: 21 Jump: Book Appreciation


Finished this one. I like non-fiction.



I've Been Working on the Railroad: Memoirs of a Railwayman 1911-1962

is a fascinating recollection of fifty years working for the Newfoundland Railway,

telling of wrecks and Reids, snow and steam, engines and engineers,

and of Chafe's love for the railroad and the people who worked on it.


It was published in 1987 and is now out of print and very hard to get.

Has over 100 pages and lots of pictures of the Newfoundland Railway from 1911 - 1962.






Purchased this one recently and it's not the type of book to read from front to back necessarily.

I just open it up to random pages and read his opinions on random things.



In the Words of E. B. White: Quotations from America's Most Companionable of Writers

by E.B. White, Martha White


In a book that draws on E. B. White's books, collected works and published and unpublished letters and papers,

the literary legend's granddaughter collects his best quotes--on writing, nature, everyday life and much more.


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Interesting stuff.


In a chapter about foreign aid to Finland the author states in what seems like mild bewilderment that among the more curious volunteers to the fight against Russia were "a handful of Japanese and a Jamaican negro".



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Life is pretty boring of late and since I'm stuck as a homebody at the moment readign a lot of travel/adventure stuff



guy follows in the footsteps of Captain Cook - it's p[retty good but when I first read it ten years back I thought it was much better


two guys riding a bike across mongolia. was okay but then out of the blue one dude starts going right into detail about having a wank in the shower ..weird



yeah this could have been good but I'm a guy so the description of ricardo's smoking eyes wasn't to my liking.


usual scandinavian noir fiction.

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I just beat..er..finished Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


Started Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham. I hope there's bdsm type stuff in there.

I read a bunch of his short stories as a kid and The Magician and like how easy of a read he can be.

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