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What book are you reading? Part 20

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one was 8 hours, one was six, the others were only around 2. mostly reading to fall asleep then not falling asleep. i think in the last 50 hours ive gotten like 5 hours of sleep? and here i am wide awake wanting nothing more than to pass the fuck out. but cant.

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i got halfway through palahniuk's choke and couldn't really get into it.




i'm reading Choke right now... started it, then took a little hiatus due to being preoccupied by a new city.

i'm enjoying it i guess. Palahniuk's subject matter is a little try-hard-ish for me... contrived at times...

i need to finish it before i make a final judgment...


we shall see


i need to get back on my reading game.

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only Palahniuk ive read was Rant. it was good... i guess not good enough for me to go devour his whole collection as my time with vonnegut has been, but im sure i'll dabble into more of his books soon. i guess i wont start with choke though, as it seems unfinishable...

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why would you finish a book that you don't like half way through? that baffles me.

I can see finishing when it is about an historical event.. or some other sort of relevant to life material... but when you are reading a completely fabricated story and not enjoying it... why the hell would you continue?


i think this is more a personality type thing; once the ball is rolling, the momentum shouldn't be stopped, even if it's pointless to go on.


i've tried to read infinite jest twice and quit about halfway through each time, so now it's almost like a challenge.


i'm not into count of cristo but my man and my dad really lik eit so i;d like to get to the end just so i can get closure on the story.. i kinda want to know what happens, though some of me doesn't care that much.

the other thing about count is that it's listed as a classic, and i was on a classic reading kick. this is one of the last ones on the list (and i already couldn't finish catch22 so i'm not giving up on another one so soon)

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so i'm near through with this shit. and let me tell you. i've

never read anything anywhere more fucked up then this shit.

if you're at all fascinated by sick sadistic ass shit, masochists,

serial murderers etc...then i highly recommend. it's tuff to stomach

at points cause it's some hella gay parts but the content is 100% truth

and beyond all power of imagination. least for me anyhow. and i didn't

even get to the slaughter recount yet. just look at this fool.


i'm bumping this for people like "symbols," "MZ," and "grd." for real. read this shit.


currently on this.


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