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What book are you reading? Part 20

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I looked for Lolita at the library and couldnt find it :(

Not reading Burroughs is a mistake tho. I recommend you start off

with something like Junky. If you were to hop right in with Naked

Lunch may be a mistake. The book is just short of schitzo jibberish.

When i say im better read than 95% of the literate population isn't

boasting. Ive just been reading 2-4 novels a week or a decade.

Naked Lunch is on some other shit. Its way different. A class

of its own but a classic nonetheless


public libraries may censor lolita. cop it somewhere like a used books store

i dunno. burroughs, is not really my thing. i looked at naked lunch a long time ago and put it back.

and i have spent time around junkies waxing philosophical. i'm not a fan.

he had such a great cameo in drugstore cowboy i suppose i will give him the respect he deserves, but i have a ton of other books i'd rather read first.



i might do the Dark Materials Trilogy next. sounds fascinating.



still trying to shake off blood meridian. what a fucking book. i felt the overarching theme was basically that in this miserable and cruel world, he who is most depraved shall triumph over all. kinda true and really sickening. i'll never see the wild west the same way. and i even knew some of the truth before.

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Naked Lunch is more prose poetry than anything. It was more about putting the perfect imagery down on paper. It is Burroughs work but also a collaboration with his peers whom I consider a very distinguished crowd. The restored text discusses among other things his struggle with the format of the text. Trying to arrange it so it would make sense. He pretty much distilled and mashed together notes, passages, and concepts from Junk, Queer, and Yage and also letters he wrote to Ginsburg.

Reading is pretty subjective. To each his or her own but i will say this. If books like Naked Lunch didn't exist... books like Naked Lunch wouldn't and couldn't exist. Actually, the final texts were rushed out as publishers were trying to capitalize on the controversy. This pretty much marks the end of literary censorship in America


that said... much of it is in

questionable taste and psychobabble

I just really enjoyed it is all

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Read this when I was like 15/16... trippy shit!


Just got done reading this...






Interesting story. Motivating.


He is an interesting author.


This book reminded me of khalil Gibran The Prophet.

It get's a little too preachy for me at times.


There is another book of his where he goes on this spiritual quest in Spain with his guide and has to pass all these tests. That one from what I remember was interesting and thought provoking. For the life of me I cannot remember it.


Quick search, found it, The Pilgrimage.

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^^Just read that. Can't say I was too impressed, but I'd need to read another translator's version to say for sure.





wow...this looks interesting.

the witches was one of my favorite books when i was a kid.


Some of the stories are very interesting, and very surprising since I've only read his children's books before.

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i read tuesdays when i was a junior in highschool and remember liking it, but don't remember anything about it.


the only thing i've read in the last week are articles and reviews in moutain bike and mountain bike action and product descriptions for wheels and frames on websites. /no excuses

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you gonna shred afghanistan with a bike?


dude, if this place ever calms down and gets more of its mined area cleared this country would offer some of the greatest riding and climbing you can imagine. the goat trails that exist here are fucking incredible. here in the south (assuming you didn't get blown up by an ied or a russian mine) you could ride single track for hundreds of miles without seeing any traffic besides tractors or camels.



but no, i'm reading to piece together my bike when i come home.

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