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What book are you reading? Part 20

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Finished, Violence Girl Alice Bag

She connects a lot of dots with people of that local punk scene of that era. Bobby Pin (Darby Crash), Black Randy, Trudie (Arguelles) Barret, and Tom Waits fighting one of her boyfriends. And venues such as Madame Wong's, The Hong Kong Cafe, Starwood, and the Whiskey 





Just started, KIND NEPENTHE

So far: Guns, Meth, Hippies, pot growing, Murder, and Ghosts in Humboldt County




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3 hours ago, aimer said:

Almost finished this.. it’s great, but god damn his writing style is a chore to read 


I listen to the audio book of this all the time going to sleep on YouTube. Always fall asleep and wake up at different points.

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2 hours ago, CHANTICLEER said:

seems like @mryuck is into woke and cancel culture stuff.  And he was criticizing me for what he referred to as a "revelation" on the dumbass thread.

I was just putting that up, as I wished I had success scholastically like Dr. Carson(neurosurgeon), but I can see why folks would think he's dumb.


Carson didn't understand what Real Estate Owned meant.  I think that involves foreclosures or short sales.  HUD secretary unqualified.

He thought it was OREO what the man said.  I was watching that whole hearing on C-SPAN.  I also watched the interview with Betsy DeVos the education secretary, where the students were heckling her.  on C-SPAN2


some of you should turn off Newsmax and watch C-SPAN when they interview authors.  detoxify dopamine from your thick skulls.

You should read this one @CHANTICLEER.


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I like McCarthy too, but when I read something from him its usually spaced out well from the last time I read something of his.  Hope that makes sense.

No Country and The Road are both probably his 'easiest' reads though.

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How was kind nepenthe @Ko SprueOne? That’s been on my tbr



started this one today. For those who like southern gothic but don’t like

McCarthy’s writing style, you should try this guy out. Already hooked into this.

image.jpeg.856a2cc762bd7d599ec003d3e748911b.jpegread this one years back and it was absolutely thrilling.  Highly recommend.


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If you like, southern gothic, (I had to look that up), then you'll like, Kind Nepenthe. Bad actors, victims, ghosts, drugs, ultra violence. It's similar to Alex Garland's, The Beach, but actually good. To be fair, The Tesseract, also by Alex Garland is good. And like that book Kind Nepenthe is three stories that collide eventually and violently.


I'm going to look up, William Gay books

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