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What book are you reading? Part 20

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On 8/1/2018 at 2:44 AM, luhem said:

^ good idea ! Maybe get a Book Club on the groups list ? Monthly reads ??

I’m really into this idea and down to set it up. The problem I’m having is most of the books I’ve been listening to are around 40+ hours. 


This makes it a a little tough to get through in a month, for me at least.


we need is some sort of theme or boundaries to stay in and a way of choosing books. 


We could all suggest something and then put it to a vote. 


Can we get a head count for who wants in?

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I’m up for it. 


Wish that we had a bigger group so we could splinter off into sub genres. I’m still on the trashy zombie novel kick and sort of not ready to stray into anything more intellectually stimulating in the precious moments of downtime where I can sit and read something. 


Set the group up. I’ll help and suppose we start slow with it until we sort of wander onto the same page or grow the participants enough to have decent momentum?

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I'm game !


Doesn't gotta be monthly , could make it bi-monthly or quarterly to start .


Selecting a theme/genre/time period and assigning each reading selection to a vote would be cool !


Could also use one of those "top 100 (american/sci-fi/all-time) books to read" lists and vote on a few of them . (like the list denzel was using in the equalizer lol)


Or select the top 2 most popular novels from major genres and throw them onto a ballot .


Long as the method keeps the material fresh and exciting - nothing too dense so that every reader can finish within the time allotted .


Also nothing to obscure or out there so that everyone involved can have a chance to download/purchase + appreciate it .

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JUst finished this book 



Not content with tackling the Italian Alps or the route of the Tour de France, Tim Moore sets out to scale a new peak of rash over-ambition: 6,000 mile route of the old Iron Curtain on a tiny-wheeled, two-geared East German shopping bike.
Asking for trouble and getting it, Moore sets off from the northernmost Norwegian-Russian border at the Arctic winter’s brutal height, bullying his plucky MIFA 900 through the endless sub-zero desolation of snowbound Finland. Sleeping in bank vaults, imperial palaces and unreconstructed Soviet youth hostels, battling vodka-breathed Russian hostility, Romanian landslides and a diet of dumplings, Moore and his ‘so-small bicycle’ are sustained by the kindness of reindeer farmers and Serbian rock gods, plus a shameful addiction to Magic Man energy drink. 

Haunted throughout by the border detritus of watchtowers and rusted razor wire, Moore reflects on the curdling of the Communist dream, and the memories of a Cold War generation reared on the fear of apocalypse—at a time of renewed East-West tension. After three months, twenty countries and a fifty-eight degree jaunt up the thermostat, man and bike finally wobble up to a Black Sea beach in Bulgaria, older and wiser, but mainly older

and another by him.



Guided by the fastidious journals of an eminent Victorian adventurer by the name of Lord Dufferin, Time Moore sets off to prove his mettle in the most stunningly inhospitable place on Earth-the Arctic. Armed only with his searing wit, wicked humor, and seasickness pills, our pale suburbanite-wracked by second thoughts of tactical retreat-confronts mind-numbing cold, blood-thirsty polar bears, a convoy of born-again Vikings, and, perhaps most chilling of all, herring porridge. When he is not humiliating himself through displays of ignorance and incompetence, Moore casts a sharp eye on the local flora and fauna, immersing readers in the splendors and wonders of this treacherously beautiful region


Really big fan of this writer.my mum put me on to him in 2002.


Then on the day my mum died I read about 60-80 pages of one of his books to her since I didn't know what to say.


Possibly he's taking the "stupid transportation" thing too far by now but I am definitely looking forward to this. when I comes out in November 




Need to read something other than travel writing from time to time so also listened to audiobook of this

Kind of suffered because he reads the audiobook himself is a fairly grumpy fucker but he did create 2000AD comics so ge gets a bit of a pass



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@luhem I got through about the first 6 of these and then lost my place. Really enjoyed them. @LastBoyScoutturned me onto them. It’s a pretty long road. I keep wanting to dig back into them but I read some bad reviews about how it drags later on the the series. Def stick with the first few. 


After your done with those those I highly recommend the storm light archives. They are still being written but those are currently my favorite. The mistborn series are pretty good too. 


I made the private group but haven’t figure out how to make a thread in there on mobile yet. Sent invites out to everyone in here that’s been active over the last few pages. If I missed you and you want in, just raise your hand. 

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@diggitynice ! I'm a hugeee sci-fi/fantasy buff . wheel of time series is definitely top ten material for me .


the last three in the series were released posthumously + co-authored (finished) by brandon sanderson - dude who is writing the stormlight archives/mistborn series you mentioned .


was going to jump back and forth between the wheel of time series and some forgotten realms novels (icewind dale/dark elf trilogies) , but i'm waiting on our book club selection first !

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On 8/24/2018 at 7:55 PM, fat ralphy said:

I read a shit ton.


Currently reading -




Easily my favourite Fantasy series ever.


Finished reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (which I really, really enjoyed. He writes a very good dis-functional family) and finished Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman.


Now reading:


 A WW1 memoir



I Read Shogun by Clavell years ago and it's probably one of my favourite books.  Been sitting on Tai Pan for a while and am finally going to get around to reading it, may take me a while.



And I have no idea what to expect from this one but it's also been sitting on my book shelf unread for a long time.

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Here's a hot take: I read the entire Wheel of Time series and absolutely hated it.  That said, yes, I read all 14 of them.  In my defense, they were given to me and I read 95% of it at work.  Maybe it's just Jordan's writing style I can't handle or the characters but I do not get the love that series gets from Fantasy readers all over the place.

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LOved the tales of the bounty hunters stars wars book.


 found it on the street years ago, read it, loved it, decided to keep it, and lost it all in about 2 weeks.


 and strangely enough I pulled this down from a bookshelf today to read for a quiet minute.


@Bojangles did you know a copy made it all the way to Australia?

How many did you sell of this?

would ,love to know the back story.

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10 Years: T-Shirt Graphics.


One of my favorite books on t-shirt graphics. This particular book documents t-shirts from Upper Playground from 1999 to 2009. The works featured in this 10 year anniversary edition are cutting edge to say the least. Many of the artists have been featured on Upper Playground apparel, others have been exhibited at the countless shows, events and parties staged each year in the Upper Playground store and gallery. Artists featured in this 10th Anniversary edition include Rob Abeyta Jr., Aiko, Alex One, Amaze, Armsrock, Augor, Herbert Baglione, Will Barras, Basco, Bast, Bigfoot, Blade, Mark Bode, Boogie, Tiffany Bozic, David Choe, Richard Colman, Coro, Cope, Craola, Cum, Cycle, Dalek, Date Farmers, Daze, Dr. Lakra, Dug 1, Nate Van Dyke, Eine, El Mac, David Ellis, Ron English, Ewok, Faile, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Blaine Fontana, Ghost, Mike Giant, Grey, Grotesk, Maya Hayuk, Hera, Logan Hicks, Aaron Horkey, Andy Howell, Cody Hudson, Hydro 74, Paul Insect, Iz the Wiz, Jo Jackson, Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Jeremeyville, Joker, JR, Denis Kennedy, Dave Kinsey, Augustine Kofie, Koralie, Henry Lewis, Anthony Lister, London Police, Marok, Mars-1, Mario Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Masa, Matzu, Maxx 242, Mear One, Mr. Jago, Morning Breath, Andy Mueller, Munk One, Nome, Nunca, Saelee Oh, Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, Chris Pastras, Phase 2, Ricky Powell, Raza Uno, Retna, Revok, Revolt, Albert Reyes, Saber, Dave Schubert, Seak, Sickboy, Michael Sieben, Chris Silva, Skinner, Slick, Damon Soule, SSUR, Stash, Tofer, Ben Tour, Urban Medium, Usugrow, Vitche, Zephyr and many more.

Hardcover: 612 pages
Full Color


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On 8/28/2018 at 9:49 PM, Schnitzel said:

Possibly he's taking the "stupid transportation" thing too far by now but I am definitely looking forward to this. when I comes out in November 




 started listening to the Audiobook of this - I am not that grabbed by it yet!

 Listened to the Beastie Boys book on Audio as well.


 was fucking sweet.


On 8/28/2018 at 9:49 PM, Schnitzel said:



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Finished The Hate U Give 5 days ago...




Loved all the old school references to 2Pac, Fresh Prince of BelAir etc.

Hated all the references to the new school garbage.

Overall interesting read and the characters were VERY realistic....good character development, also very easy read.

Also very true to whats been happening lately with police shootings of young African American boys and men.


Thought about watching the movie now but heard they left out one of the main characters so maybe not.

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