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Never seen some shit like this before 

This is a desert rose I believe.  Those are insane roots.  I've never seen one done like this.

That's an interesting method. I wonder if it will be used to straddle streams in a scaled display. 

Posted Images

I recall there being a thread on these a long ass time ago.

They're definately off the hook.

I had one last year but let it get too much sun one day and it was downhill after that.

A cool hobby if you know what you're doing. They're tricky sonsabitches.

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I used to big big time into bonsais. I had a 18 year old juniper procumbens. When I was goughing the deadwood I put a sealer on it that eventually killed the tree. Ever since I havent gone near bonsais. Maybe I will start agian this summer.

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I hope to eventually have one of these. Sans the big dark center. Forgive the google search pic.


Baobab (African Native) AKA Upside down tree,




Right now mine is 2 years old.




*Also there is some kind of vine growing out of the pot.

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I actually just started, planted the seeds today. Right now i've got a Spruce, and an Apple seed. Im not sure exactly what direction i would like to take them in, i still have alot to look up and research about them. Would you guys with past ones want to kindly share some advice and maybe mistakes and how to avoid them? Oh yeah, my folks just got a japanese maple i was thinking about trying to get one of those going, i figured the more i had going the better chance at LEAST one of them would turn out well.

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To be honest I don't know what I'm doing either. But I know you got to cut the roots when it gets to the height you want. At least I think that how it works.


Check this tiny grape. *pic is stolen This summer I'd like to do something with grape.



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i had one of these for awhile,

but i ended up neglecting it and it died.

then i set it on fire, and it burned all they way down in a matter of seconds, it was awesome.


i'm gonna cop another one, though.

and treat it well, they are fun to have

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I like bonsai but I killed the first ones I had through over pruning. I don't think I have enough patience and something that takes years to develop drives my attention span crazy... although maybe as I get older and have less time to fuck it up it would suit me better.


I think I'll just have to wait until I make a stack of money and can pay someone who knows what they are doing to look after some for me, and could buy some of the really old ones that look the best by far (100 years +).

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i'm getting into this lately...i tried to dig up and start a couple juniperus virginiana, but they all died. i've got another started and i'm going to try something a little easier this go-round as well.


when it comes to the trimming, it's all about taking off as much root as you do leaf. balance. eventually your foliage diminishes and all that shit. i want to start an oak...ten to fifteen years later, it's badass.









word up on bonsai trees...

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