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^She also knew heroin.


For those who follow this thread, check out this mix:




I'm half way through it and had to tell anyone who'd care to check it out. Really good use of track selection for the transitions. Don't sleep on it if you like breaks.


01. The Lloyd Mcneil Quartet – Home Rule

02. Love Live Life + One – The Question Mark

03. DJ Shadow – The Number Song

04. The Sound Stylistics – Sound Dynamite

05. Lee Fields – Steam Train

06. Fabulous Carprices Groovy Band

07. Brother Jack McDuff – Jerry Jam

08. Jame Reese And Progressions – Let’s Go (It’s Summertime)

09. Fling Lotus – Melt!

10. Herbie Hancock – Soccutash

11. Takeshi Inomata & His West Liners – La Grita

12. Roy Brooks & Artistic Truth – M’Jumbe

13. Jackie Mclean 7 Michael Carvin – DE I Comahlee Ah

14. Sarah Webster Fabio – Jujus Alchemy of the Blues (Inst)

15. Buari – Advice From Father

16. City Of The Woman – Sound Check

17. Theo Parrish – Sawala Sayale

18. Charles Earland – Comic Fever

19. Alphonse Mouzon – Space Invadors

20. Donald Byrd – Love’s So Far Away

21. SAntana – When I Look Into Your Eyes

22. Jas – The Sky is Falling


Mixed by Hiroko Otsuka



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Here's a soul mix worth downloading for whatever commute you might have.




“Spring love story Mix”


01. Fever

02. Sweetback

03. Autumn Leaves

04. Sitting In The Park

05. Is It Me You Really Love

06. I Dig You Baby

07. How Can I Love

08. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

09. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

10. Feel Like Making Love

11. In The Rain

12. You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good

13. Never Can Say Goodbye

14. Use Me

15. I Feel Like Dynamite

16. Soulful Strut

17. Spooky

18. Chokin’ Kind

19. Hurt So Bad

20. To Love Somebody

21. Get Out Of My Life Woman

22. Let Me Be Free

23. Lift This Hurt

24. A New Day (Is Here At Last)

25. Life Walked Out

26. I Can’t Stop

27. For Once In My Life




I highly recommend this one. Real mellow soul.

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here's some music for ya:


Asiko -- Hot Black


Ikebe shakedown - the prisoner 45 rpm



Nucleus - Phaideaux Corner (Alleycat)Line-up / Musicians

Ian Carr - trumpet, horn

Roger Sellers - drums

Ken Shaw - guitar

Roger Sutton - bass

Trevor Tomkins - percussion

Bob Bertles - saxophone

Geoff Castle - keyboards



Ray Shanklin "Duke's Theme"


The Black Keys - Tighten Up (Instrumental)


Sons & Daughters of Lite - Darkuman Junction


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