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O.V. Wright - I Don't Know Why ( I Love You Like I Do )


o.v wright - A Fool Can't See The Light


"Let's Straighten It Out" - Latimore

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I think this mix belongs in this thread:




01. Galaxxy – We’re Here To Rock You

02. Positive Force – We Got The Funk

03. Plunky and Oneness of Juju – Every Way But Loose”

04. Fresh Band – Come Back Lover

05. Glenn Jones – Everybody Loves A Winner

06. Jimmy Bo Horne – Get Happy

07. Wood, Brass, and Steel – Theme Song

08. T-Connection – Groove to Get Down

09. Strutt – Front Row Romeo

10. Funky Constellation – Street Talk

11. Brothers Johnson – Aint We Funkin Now

12. Master jay and Michael Dee – T.S.O.B

13. Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Streets

14. Bigfoot – Watch Your Step

15. Pleasure – Joyous

16. Pulse – Here We Are

17. The Loni Gamble Band Featuring Lisa Warrington – I Like The Way You Do It

18. Fatback Band – (Hey I) Feel Real Good

19. Roy Ayers – Brother Green (The Disco King)

20. Malone Barnes – Road Man

21. Final Edition – Betcha Can’t Love Just One

22. Tony Silvester – Cosmic Lady

23. Minority Band – Tasty Tune

24. Roy Ayers – Spirit Of Doo Doo


I'm supposed to play Monday night, but just got hired for a work gig that day. Hopefully I won't have to work past 7 and can make it over to play.

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This show definitely belongs in this thread as well:




1. Leana Horne – Think about your troubles

2. Quinn Harris – Stop! Telling me lies

3. Alvin Cash – Doing the creep

4. Bo Diddley – Stop the pusher

5. Bobby Rush – Mary Jane

6. The Mighty Hannibal – We’re gonna make it

7. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Back door friend

8. Boobie Mcknight – King of the cool guys

9. The Earls – Let’s Waddle

10. Bily Ball and The Upsetters – Tighten up tighter

11. Don & Juan – Chicken necks

12. Inell Young – What do you see in her

13. William Bel – Marching off to war

14. Chambers Brothers – Can’t turn you loose

15. The Electric Express – The Real Thing

16. Chambers Brothers – Funky

17. Rufus Thomas – Sisters got a boyfriend

18. Brother Soul – Cookies

19. Jimmy Dawkins – Things I used to do

20. Binky Griptape – Mellowatic mood

21. The Electric Express – I can’t believe we did

22. General Crook – Gimme Some (Part 1)

23. Soul Searchers – Funk to the Folks

24. Paul Humphrey – Funky LA

25. Otis Redding – Papa’s got a brand new bag

26. Asiko Rock Group – Lagos City

27. Alvin Cash & The Registers – The Philly Freeze

28. Warren Lee – Funky Belly

29. Breakestra – Baby Don’t Cry

30. Poets of Rhythm – Discern/Define

31. Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads

32. Johnnie Taylor – I believe in you (you believe in me)

33. The Superlatives – I don’t know how

34. JB’s – All aboard the soul funky train

35. Maggie Thrett – Soupy

36. David Ruffin – Blood donors needed (Give it all you can)

37. Hank Ballard – Skinny Dipping

38. Jimmy Castor Bunch – My Brightest Day

39. Maskman and the Agents – Love Bandito

40. Quincy Jones – Street Beater

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Back to the classics...




O.V. Wright -Drowning On Dry Land



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Earl, Daily Session always delivers. Thanks for putting me onto that site.


Now I know this is about crate dug, Golden Era but I like a lot of what's coming through now-a-days from the Bay:




This guy has a great voice. He's just got one of those classic sounding voices.

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Here's Monday's show:




01. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Where Is the Love

02. Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze

03. Donald Byrd – Makin’ it

04. Funk Ink – Cool Is Back

05. Teddy Pendergrass – Now Is The Time To Do It

06. The Doors – Crawling King Snake

07. Santana – No One To Depend On

08. Deodato – Whirlwinds

09. The New Dave Pike Set – Baiafrock / Volker

10. Richard “Groove” Holmes – Salsa De Alma

11. Herbie Mann – Push Push

12. Deodato – Baubles, Bangles and Beads

13. Santana – Song Of The Wind

14. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Everybody’s Talkin’

15. Roberta Flack – Bridge Over Troubled Water

16. William De Vaughan – Be Thankful For What You Got

17. African Music Machine – Camel Time

18. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – BAD

19. Hank crawford – All In Love is Fair

20. The Doors – The Changeling



The disco mixer died after The Changeling, so the show was cut a little short.



Also, I have a blog that I might start posting on again. It's pretty much like this thread, me just posting music, but I post other shit from time to time.



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i'm the organizer of the event and yes, they will be a regular event..every other month..

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