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Your Favorite Mascot


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P.S. I'm going to start an '09 trend here by talking about shit that has nothing to do with this thread for one post.



That Crystal Castles shit you guys are into...I'm reaaaallly surprised. I'm not hating, I just wasn't expecting you cats to be into that shit. It's a very basic version of other "chiptunes" artists who use 8-bit sounds to create beats and melodies.


(I got bored and listened to three tracks)


They aren't good, but they aren't bad. I just can't picture you cats riding up to a spot to paint bumping a jazzy ass 2 step beat with some Metroid sound effects popping off.



If you're into that kinda thing, which I guess a lot of you are because their name keeps popping up on here...You should check out "The Animal Style" A much better version.



Carry on.

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