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14yr old Chicago Police impersonator is at it again..

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Someone give this kid his own tv show already..

Teen cop impersonator charged with possessing stolen car


S. SIDE | Teen dresses sharp for car caper, but falls short of clean getaway, cops say




May 4, 2009




» Click to enlarge image

050409kidcop_cst_feed_20090504_16_12_46_11315-116-165.imageContent A teenager who had impersonated a Chicago police officer (pictured) earlier this year was arrested over the weekend and charged Monday with possessing a stolen vehicle.




» Click to enlarge image

050509kidcop2_cst_feed_20090504_19_24_10_11475-116-165.imageContent Kamal Said, owner of C&M Imperial Motors, stands with 1990 Lexus that was stolen off his lot allegedly by the teen arrested earlier this year for impersonating a police officer.

(Rich Hein/Sun-Times)





In this latest caper, the teen allegedly waited for the dealer to turn away before he peeled out of the South Side dealership with a 1990 black Lexus.

Back in January, Deputy Supt. Daniel Dugan was among the department officials pressed to explain how the security breach occurred. This time, Dugan -- by complete coincidence -- arrested the teen after he allegedly cut Dugan off in traffic.

It wasn't until well after the theft arrest that Dugan realized who the teen was.

"Not all minor traffic stops are what they appear,'' Dugan said of the Friday arrest. "That's why officers need to be vigilant, because many times criminal conduct can be discovered through minor traffic enforcement."

The teen, who is on electronic monitoring for the previous offense, was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and appeared in bond court Monday, according to prosecutors. Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Berman ordered the teen held in custody.

He allegedly walked into C&M Imperial Motors, 7221 S. Western, around 4:45 p.m. Friday and asked to be shown two cars, dealership owner Kamal Said said, adding that the teen looked like an adult.

"He said he was interested in buying a car with cash. I asked him where [he] worked and he said, 'I work downtown,''' Said said. "The way he was coming in, you had no doubt [that he was an adult]."

Said said the Lexus initially wouldn't start, so he gave the car a jump as the teen cranked the engine. As Said left to return the jumper cables to his office, the teen drove off with the $3,000 car, Said said.

It was about three hours later at 95th and State that the teen almost ran into Dugan, who had left a roll call and was driving in the area. The teen allegedly cut in front of Dugan, who noticed the Lexus had no license plates.

Dugan and a partner tried to pull the Lexus over and followed it.

The teen then allegedly made an erratic turn and knocked down a light pole. He then allegedly jumped from the car, and Dugan gave chase.

Apparently to avoid capture, the teen grabbed a baby stroller from someone and pushed it briefly before walking away from it, a source said. When Dugan caught up to him, the teen allegedly made a violent move to avoid him, causing both to fall.

Dugan was slightly injured, and the teen ran off -- directly into Dugan's partner, who was following the foot chase. The teen was arrested in the 200 block of West 95th Street.

Police are not certain whether a child was in the stroller, but there were no reports of any children being hurt. The car has been returned to Said, who said he found a basketball in the back seat and a suit, white dress shirt and shoes, in the trunk.

Said said he felt a "little stupid'' to have been duped by the teen -- until he found out he also tricked police.

"It just made me feel a little crazy,'' Said said.

In January, the teen was accused of getting dressed in a police uniform, walking into the Grand Crossing station and announcing he was assigned to traffic patrol there. He signed out a police radio and joined another officer in a patrol car for five hours, police and prosecutors said.

The teen -- who spent more than a month in jail for his alleged January caper -- was a former member of the "police explorer" youth program said to be infatuated with police work.

The hoax also drew angry criticism from Mayor Daley, who demanded an investigation. The department determined that five officers violated rules and regulations.

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"It looks foolish to quote me" Said said.


I'm starting to like this kids antics more though, glad he's not trying to be a cop.

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hahaha "briefly he took a baby stroller and pushed it." thats comedy.

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total numbnuts i would decide. with minor intelligence


Word. If he would have just stole a license plate off of another similar Lexus, he would have been all good when the cop got behind him.

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What's up with all these Chicago niggas dressing like Carlton Banks?






That picture of him was when he was wearing the fake Chicago Police Dept uniform. In winder they wear light blue collars and sweaters over it.




I hear you on that Kanye and Common shit, though.



You don't see that out south

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someone needs to beat his ass, he'll learn.


i know some people that know him and from what ive heard he'll beat YOUR ass if you try him..


dudes 14 but like 6 feet almost 200 pounds


and he only did that cop shit to get some inside info to make committing crimes a little easier......i heard.


dudes from the southeast side and pretty much everybody whos from over there is a murderer.

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