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If your here you've probably already heard some things about Brian Peppers and want to know more. There are plenty of Brian Peppers pages on the Internet, but none seem to string everything together, so here we will attempt to put all of the available info together and let you draw your own conclusions.

The Brian Peppers Internet fad began in 2005 when the following photo taken from the Ohio Sex Offender Website.

pepper1.jpg The photo was posted on multiple websites and forums. Speculation ran wild about the photo. Some believed it to be real, others claimed that the image was photoshoped and the sex offender website was hacked. Eventually snopes, an on line urban legend debunker, did some research and put the Brian Peppers mystery to rest, or so we thought...

According to snopes Brian Peppers was very real and the picture of him on the sex offenders website was real and undoctored. The Attorney General of Ohio verified it to be an accurate photo. Brian Peppers name appears on a list of registered sex offenders in Lucas County Ohio. A record exists of the court proceedings which shows a Brian Peppers charged with two counts of Gross Sexual Imposition. Furthermore there are accounts given by locals who've met Brian Peppers. The following pictures were posted of Brian Peppers in his childhood.

briankid1.jpg briankid2.jpg briankid3.jpg So finally we knew, Brian Peppers existed, he was a registered sex offender. We could all breath a sigh of relief. We were not laughing and making fun of a person suffering a horrible disease. We were humiliating a sex offender. And theres nothing wrong with that is there?

Then came a post on ytmnd which claimed to tell "the truth" of Brian Peppers. This video claimed that Brian Peppers was confined to a wheelchair and that he was charged with Gross Sexual Imposition for groping a nurse. The following mug shot of Brian Peppers was also provided showing him in a wheelchair.

brianpepperswheelchair.jpg The mood of the public seemed to immediately sway, Brian Peppers wasn't an evil scary looking sex offender. Hundreds of people immediately posted their regret for making fun of Brian Peppers. After all he was a sick, probably lonely, wheelchair bound man who probably grabbed a nurses ass as a cry for help.

Buy that story doesn't quite fit. On the sex offenders website the victim is listed as a "female child". On Brian Peppers court docket I also noticed that one of the conditions was that he could not have contact with his victim. So if it was a nurse that he had gropped he couldnt have stayed at the same nursing home. Moreover the website lists 2 charges that were filed. Meaning that whatever Brian Peppers did, he probably did more then once. Another post was made to ytmnd by a user claiming to be Allen Peppers, the brother of Brian peppers. The post reiterated the claim that Brian Peppers had groped a nurse, and also said the Brian was very sick and almost immobile. This user in a later post revealed himself to be a fraud. So its up to you to decide, is Brian Peppers a poor wheelchair bound man living in a nursing home who made a poor decision, or pedophilic monster. As soon as more information about him is posted, we will add it to this article.

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Re: Brian Peppers.


Those speculations are pretty weak



IE: 2 charges doesn't nececarrily mean 2 separate offences. In fact a lot of times you catch multiple charges for the same offence.

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i'd rather think of him as a creepy sex offender so i dont have to feel bad about laughing at the way he looks.

if he was actually charged and convicted, he has to be mentally competent and understand what he did. so i really can't see how he could be someone worth my pity or similar emotion.

verdict: creepy looking fuckhead sex offender.

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I always thought Brian Peppers was the Pedobear without his mask on (or with a mask on, depending how you look at it)

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