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Happy Cinco De Swine Flu!!!


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It's inevitable that someone is going to make one of these threads tomorrow about cinco de mayo, I'm just doing it 1st. Share your annecdotes about too much beer, burritos, and barf.


Personally, this holiday is kind of gay to me except for the party/drinking excuse it gave in college. Do we really care about Mexican independence? Isn't it funny watching beers from other countries having Cinco de Mayo commercials?




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mexican independence day is september 16th


I know this but the 5th is commonly misperceived as Mexican independence day. The funny thing is that the 5th marks the defeat of the French army by the Mexicans, which is kind of funny in itself as those pussy Frenchies got their asses handed to them by some of the laziest people in the world. Probably stole the hubcaps off those Frenchmen's wagons.

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Yeah I thought the stereotype was that mexicans were tired all the time, not lazy. Lazy wouldn't make sense, mexican dudes come to the US and work their asses off for shit pay.


The tired thing I think comes from the siesta tradition in lots of central / south american countries.

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Whenever I would go to my favorite taqueria a few blocks from my family's house in Austin, no matter what time of day it was...there would be Mexican dudes drinking Bud Light with a lime in it.

I would go for breakfast migas, and even at 7-8 in the morning, every dude there had a Bud/Coors Light with a lime and typically a bowl of menudo.

It always struck me as a breakfast to fuel the vomits.


Over the weekend we went to the only Mexican eatery in Stuttgart.

We had been there before and it was never really awesome, but it was a buddy's bday and that is where she wanted to go.

I decided that I could cook circles around their chef.


Today I have an appointment with a Dr that specializes in the lady bits department.

I'm going to get my nibbles examined.


Then I will come home and make a dinner of non-Mexican foods because my avacados aren't ripe yet.

And not drink beer.


Either way, Cinco De Mayo had previously been my most favorite holiday.

The Germans are clueless to it.

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I can't stand heads who just say shit to be racist and make shit up with no backup. Step your game up where is this stereotype



To be fair, it was a dig at France and Mexico, I'm an equal opportunity hater. As for that sterotype, I would have to guess that it comes from the siesta thing that dude said above along with the borracho deal someone else mentioned. I've heard it many times, even from Mexican peoples I have known.


It's unfortunate that you almost have to put down a disclaimer to make a joke on 12oz, but probably just as unfortunate that there are people on here who really think in that manner.


...and migas is awesome, got put onto that in Texas but can't find anywhere else that serves any since, much better than the barbacoa I was given there :mexican: .

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I am a fan of Mexican independence.

My ancestors came from Spain.

They were actually around for one of the

first wars for mexican independence back in the 1800's.

It played a big part in my family’s upbringing.


One of the stories my family has of it is that my great (x 15 million) grandmother

came to America from a Philippine Spanish colony

and married another Spaniard.

Then one of their sons married an "Amerindian".


The Mexican independence war broke out when their son

was 10-13. He would have been expected to fight in it like his father.

My great (great great...) “Indian” grandmother didn't want him to so

she walked/hitched rides all the way to Colorado and raised him there

till he was 16. On his birthday she told him he was a man and walked back

to the west coast to be with her husband. He changed his name from

a Spanish one to Joe mountain so he could get land and raise cattle.


Since that for the most part my family has stayed in Colorado.

I am taking a trip there in sept for my great uncle’s birthday.

I plan on bringing my tape recorder and getting all the "great's "

story of where our roots actually come from (then doing some research).

Since the story I shared is lofty and missing a whole lotta pieces.

These are my great grandparents who settled in CO.

My great grandfather is the son of Joe mountain.

He was the first person to bring and cultivate tomatoes in the San Luis valley.









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