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Edward Orenthal Norton

the Gurdian Angels have some competition.

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from their site:



Mistakes are unacceptable when one is dealing with matters of Life and Death. Getting into a battle with a villain risks not only the lives of those involved, but those of anyone within range of their weapons.


Non-lethal means of apprehending a villain provide an essential safety-margin, although even non-lethal techniques can sometimes result in injury or death. Sound judgment is always essential to prevent tragedy.


Unless a Hero chances upon a major crime in progress, careful research and planning are essential to any action to be taken. Poor research and planning could result in trying to apprehend undercover law-enforcement officers and other undesirable outcomes.






Although it may be tempting to pursue petty criminals due to the ease with which they can be found, in many cases it does not truly serve the cause of justice, nor is it worth the risk.


Apprehending prostitutes saves no lives, protects no property, and does not significantly advance the cause of justice.


Apprehending casual drug users is also of limited value to society.


When confronted by an essentially victimless crime, the appropriate response is, more often than not, a stern lecture.





theres no need to type something when you read that. this is real.

and pretty fucking pathetic.

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these people fail at being true superheros

heros dont work within the limits of law because they know laws sometimes dont work when justice is needed

they also dont parade around in costume in broad day light, nor do news stories. And they certainly dont register on a poorly designed low bro website



thats like 5 fails at once

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i wish i was a super hero lets change this into a


"if you were a super hero what super power would you have?" thread

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ive always wanted to fly or shoot some shit out of my hands or be able to regenerate

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