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Cheapest Paint in Melbourne?

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Cheapest Paint in Melbourne?


In early 2002 there will be a new paint store opening up in Melbourne run by some anarchist graffAz who believe that people should not be making a profit from the sale of paint.

SOOoo these cats are going to sell their shit at a $1 - $2 mark up off wholesale to cover transport of the shit and that’s it ..

Belton, Krylon, montana and more …

One of these cats is also going to do an after hours service..

You will be able to call him @ 2 am and go pick up ya shit 7 days a fucking week !!!

How fucking mad is that …

If you want more info about what’s going down you can try calling one of them on 0413416722

I’m not sure when they are going to open up .. But I know the store will be in the inner city …


Peace…. OpT..A

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