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Pugilism AKA Boxing Thread .................

Poesia [ ] T

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On some SERIO I like in boxing how shit breaks down to race..makes it more interesting..anyways..on some serio shit ima go down the midldle yeah wanst right ortiz try getting a head butt in...BUT then COME ON SON how you gonna sucker punch a dude when he wasn't looking?????? llanta...that piss me off.....some PUNK shit. Everyone know that watches boxing or been doing bixing the ref calls "time" or "fight" ref didn't do either of them just broke it up then Ortiz tried saying spensa then got sucka punch....but then on some other shit if you where ortiz wouldn't you be like "mother fucker got a clean one" then get punched again then you out for the count?????? Staged?/????? I(drunk)




Anyways canelo and morales still did work!

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The Morales fight was pretty good.


The 21yr old red headed Mexican is the future of boxing.


I've been watching him for years. Kid got the "magic."


As for the Mayweather fight...


Everyone cryin sayin he (Floyd) was cheap. Ortiz fukin headbutted Floyd right before that.


And I HATE Floyd. Number one rule in boxing is Protect yourself at all times.


Ortiz got his feelings hurt when the left hook hit him..., and looked to the ref


for help, with his hands at HIS FUCKING WAIST, as Floyd's right was screaming down


the pipe. That's the difference between Ortiz(who (IMO) is


relatively new to talent of Mayweather's caliber, and Floyd,


who will do that shit if you let him.


I wasn't surprised how it ended cause Ortiz was being handled up to that point anyway.


Ortiz was gonna lose, just not what/how people expected.


Mayweather will now give 9,000,000 reasons why HE thinks he's better than Pac(He AINT)


but will continue to make excuses to not make that fight happen.


Pac vs Marquez 4 will be awesome.

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I guess if that's how people Want to see it, my whole issue was When a point is taking off, the ref calls 'time'. The clock stops. The fight doesn't resume until the ref either says 'time' or 'fight' a again. Those punches where off the clock.





Pac vs Marquez 3 * will be awesome --yeah that fight will be good, only thing with that fight is they fought twice already and pacman won both..

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