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Pugilism AKA Boxing Thread .................

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Re: Boxing thread.



the best



the greatest




best result


I actually met Mike Tyson about 12 times. He used to train at one of the gyms I boxed at in PHX, AZ..


Fuckin rock solid dood (NH) with legs like tree stumps. When he was fighting with Kevin Rooney


he was in beast mode. Insane power and great inside puncher. After that, it was all down hill.

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Re: Boxing thread.


I like Victor Ortiz but I think he's not ready for Mayweather but I'd of taken the fight also.


I think Mayweather is an awesome boxer but can't get past him ducking Packman.


Why ignore that huge payday??? Must be scurred.



yeah i like Ortiz i want him to whoop mayweathers ass, but i doubt it..pretty funny at that end of that 247 mayweather sr & JR start talking shit to eachother.. think canelo is fighting that same night..should be interesting.

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Re: Boxing thread.


I've been thinking to take up boxing for fitness etc. Tyson was a beast in Rooney days.


I didnt watch those you tube's but that guy who started crying when fighting lennox lewis was pretty lolz.


That was Oliver "Atomic Crack-Head" McCall. Fukin weird-0.

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I'm about to buy tickets to the Froch vs. Ward fight in Atlantic City coming up in October. I went to the Froch vs. Johnson fight this past June and had a fucking blast



Round 8 was some heavy hitting


Glen Johnson has some moments of flash but overall, he's just a workhorse. A grinder.


Most times he bores the shit outta me.


Silent- Mayweather will never fight Pacman. Floyd has an image he's not willing to risk.

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