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there needs to be a new rule at the gym. Its easy enough

to wrap a towel around yourself and take your swim suit off

so everybody doesnt have to see your junk. I dont need

to see that shit. Like tonite. Im tryin to get to my locker and i

walk in and theres this old ass dude bent over picking his toes

blockin me with his balls swinging freely. So i look over and

theres another dude just walking around without a towel. And

another and another. Im just not feeling that shit. If i was

a girl i wouldnt be bothered by free flowing titty in the locker

room but old saggy ass, dick and balls is just not a good look

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Once when I was buying jimmys over the counter, the clerk was a super fresh chick and asked what size I wanted, the first thing that sprung to mind was to brag an say 'fuckin massive, like the biggest ones youve got!' hahaha Then I came back out of the clouds and said 'regular yo'.. True story.

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