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yinz n'at

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i mean he's alright.. he's changed art more then i ever could

but i just really hated that gold monroe piece but the logic behind it is interesting

i also have this i took





i'm not sure if warhol made it, i didn't look at the sign for it but it was in his room/area with the rest of his shit

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picassos woman in the mirror is amazing in person....


how small is persistence of memory it blew my fucking mind


fuck there used to be this dali exhibit here at the fashion show mall. they had hella original works of dali.


like copper and gold leaflet butterfly engravings and shit like that. they had tons of rare commisioned peices he had done for like arab royalty and stuff. it was cool i wish i had thousands to throw away at art. just for a couple of those peices.


i found a couple that i remember being there on google.






this one was actually colored i couldnt find it colored for some reason it also had copper and silver inlay and shit




i actually found their website




alwso fuck the phrase "artfag"

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Have you been there? Because they really do turn up like that.

i mean when I was there I experienced it like you said. There was a strong "whatever" factor.

I could've stared intensely at Picasso's Avignon like all the people in jean overalls did, but that would've been ignoring the huge Miro piece right next to it.


If there was a balloon ocean around the corner with a clown handing cotton candy to everyone, it wouldn't have surprized me. It was just absurd.

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i also agree, but that john lennon one is kinda awesome. and i dont even rep the beatles like that.


but for real, how much weed is this guy smoking? ive smoked alot of weed in my life and theres no way id have that many joints laying around. is this guy collecting all the roaches of everyone he knows. even still.

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I'm sorry, but at the risk of sounding elitist... making artwork with roaches is kitsch enough to start with. Copying pictures of Bob Marley and Snoop dog is as well. But making pictures of snoop dog and bob marley out of roaches... reaches the level of embarrassing self-parody.


hahahaaa great post!

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