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and again, pictures of cars..


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A GTR runs low 11's all day, and this particular Juke is meant to be running the exact same engine and drivetrain from the GTR. We don't have the Juke for sale here in Australia so it's not in our Redbook DB - what's the curb weight on a Juke? 480BHP in a car that small has to be insane.


This thing will handle, I can't see it being slower than an X6M (or uglier!!!) in a straight line either, but it's the handling that will really push it apart.


I don't think you can really compare, you may aswell throw Cayenne's into the mix, Evoques are probably closer to judge?


Either way, Nissan are making a big deal about this little bugger, so I genuinely believe it's going to be batshit crazy.

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P1800's are very cool. Not too easy to find around my way though.


142's are pretty light on the ground too!


Keep us up on it, would be a cool project.


What are you thinking? You can grip those S80 6'ers from wreckers these days as they've been out for a while. I'd say the 142 would be able to house it with a bit of fiddlin'.

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