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and again, pictures of cars..

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Just random cars I've come across, all pics from Hipstamatic app on iphone.





































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whos got the plug on some more EK hatches?


thinking about either building and boosting my ITR swap, or going midori green

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Having a car issue, hoping you guys could help me out.


Today and yesterday, when I start my car in the morning nothing happens. No lights on the dash, doesn't turn over. The beeping sound to let me know the keys are in the ignition happens, the dome light comes on when the door is opened but that's it.


And I'm not hearing a click when I turn the key. If I remember correctly, hearing the click means the starter went bad right? Well either way, no click.


So, am I looking at a bad alternator or old battery here?


Thanks in advance.



Ps- yesterday the radio was cutting out every few mins if that helps. Never happened before.

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my starter went out last week, when i turned the key i didnt hear a click either so it could possibly be your starter

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So I was prepared to remove my alternator and take it to an autozone for a free alternator test. (the battery is only 2 yes old).


Went to my pops house to use his tools and he tested my alternator and battery with a multimeter and both were putting out enough juice...


So I went to o'reileys and talking with an old timer looking mech guy behind the counter. He advised be to inspect and clean my terminals.


The positive had a bunch of weird yellow corrosion. Not the powdery type you usually get on terminals. Negative was corroded too. Cleaned em up and hope this was the problem. I guess I'll find out in the morning....

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