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and again, pictures of cars..

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@KILZ FILLZ Damn. I got an email notification that I was tagged. It's been so long being away from here.  

Dope Chevy in West Oakland...

https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002-47/   yes please.    

Posted Images

I guarantee that shit drives auto engineers crazy. Corrosion is no joke. Shits spreads

like fucking cancer.


I was guessing they used galvanic corrosion to do it.

Stripping the paint then using a sanding disc of a dissimilar metal to create the corrosion.

But then there'd be some waiting time where they'd be driving around with a bare metal car.


Anyone know if they use something to keep it from spreading to other parts of the car?

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my XG


do they have these in the states? its on a ute base, can climb through into the double bed in the back from the bench seat..




As far as i know, they don't have 'em in the states...

but, that car is awesome. i've been into "tuner" cars primarily, but have always wanted a roadtrip car like that. i would love to travel in something so humble yet awesome. good shit man.


post more pics if you can!

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its a 4 litre fuel injected running dual fuel lpg/petrol


known as the shaggin wagon here, the most popular was the holden/ GM from the 70s special edition 'sandman'


they stopped making them after the next model in the late 90s, mines 95 model, very popular with tradespeople

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