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and again, pictures of cars..


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Yall are trippin, Merc would get the extra hard and violent choke smash.

Has nothing to do with if you like the brand personally, that's not what this thread is even about.

Any dude who says you wouldn't pound that Merc so hard that you bruise her rear axle, pull your dick out of her pink slip, shove it down her exhaust, then make her CAI gag on your seed is either lying or gay.



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SG Foresters are a nice piece of kit. They run a TD04 turbo which isn't too strenuous for the motor, main things to look for is driveline wear and tear. Also, Subaru servicing is never cheap, so keep that in mind. Expect around the 11L/100K mark on fuel economy, and these engines really desire premium fuel.


Outside of that, they are a fantastic vehicle. If you have any specific question, just ask away. Subaru's are my bag baby.


I have a 2011 XT and an OBK 3.0RB right now.

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looking at that one.

Plan on talking to the bank tomorrow.

I'm keeping my yota for a toy (will theoretically make it even more of a toy when its not my daily), but I want something that gets better than 12-15mpg. even running premium I'll come out way ahead with said car.

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