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and again, pictures of cars..


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It was more of a lack of viable competition in that timeframe (1989-93) here in the states. Nissan wouldn't import the Skyline. The F-body (Camaro/Firebird), Mustang and Corvette where all older designs that had yet to be wrapped in "updated" body work. The Supra and RX7 were still boxy holdovers as well. The TT was a radical departure from the norm in the US and the auto press came their pants over it. Giving it several awards thus generating a huge buzz. People that could afford to went out in droves and bought the TT, those that couldn't, bought the base model "for the look". So now you can pick up a TT in good shape for under $8,000 all day long, and an N/A for less still. Combine that with the robust aftermarket here and that's a pretty tempting combo for a high school or university student that doesn't have a whole lot of cash to throw around.


As for the Soarer, I can't explain that.


Edit: I totally misunderstood your statement, but my explanation of why the 300zx remains popular in the states stands.

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