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iPhone Applications & Discussion Thread


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the first magazine for iphone and ipad is avaliable at itunes / appstore.


the recent issue of the german ultra magazine goes digital. the mag contains about 120 pages, some animations and as ipad version a variable layout. language is english only...



the official store description:


"ultra magazine

a magazine for urban art, global subculture and graffiti


this new thoroughly reflected issue attaches great importance to high quality photos from around the world. a lot of work has gone into their presentation and the layout in general. this brand new issue also contains a fine selection of animations and exceptionable specials. after a quite long break ultra magazine is back with a new issue with exclusive iPad content. for the first time we bring you the magazine‘s content in a totally different way."







ipad version:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultra-magazine/id419964738?mt=8&ls=1


iphone version:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ultra-mag/id421990377?mt=8&ls=1

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One thing I'm really digging about the new iphone OS is that it now has airplay.

I'd be into a song, walk into the crib and sit here with earbuds on finishing out an album or live mix.

Now I just turn on the stereo and click the airplay icon on the iphone.

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after having put off switching to a smart phone for some time now, i've officially joined the dark side...


copped an iphone 4 today... 16 gig.. only set me back $100 and between a minute-reduction and the eradication of my old data plan, my bill is identical...


that was my main reason for not switching- i guess i had it in my head that it would increase my bill drastically. stoked that that's not the case.



anyway, i'm fiddling with this thing... now i guess i'll read through the whole fucking thread...

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^ im exactly like that now, i got an ipod touch instead of the iphone because i have some irrational fear that my bill will reach insane costs and what not


also i dont have to worry about dropping my phone and it breaking when drunk


Well, i've gotten a bit better about breaking my phones over the years... mainly has to do with not skateboarding as much. that was by far the biggest factor in the majority of my phones' fates... i feel like i'm able to take care of my shit now. it's been a solid 2+ years since i broke my last phone... and that was my dumbass ex's fault anyway because she was a clumsy idiot... as most females are...



also, i was only using about 1/3 of my minutes each month. i could technically go down to a 700 minute plan and be fine, but i'd rather not risk it.

anyway, the minute-cut made the difference. go in and talk to them about ways you can save money on your plan... assuming you get a halfway decent assistant, they should be able to help you figure something out...

do it even if you don't want to upgrade... could save you some feria...

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iFiles is pretty cool. For storing files and making folders just like your computer at home - text documents, image files, music, etc. I use it because my job has me doing work in various locations around the city, and I used to take my laptop to read text documents, diagrams & photos pertaining to the project. Got tired of bringing the laptop everywhere. Now I can just carry the iPhone and look at the same files.


For the record, there are many apps like this for file storage. I just chose this because it seems to be the most reputable and popular - and has support, forums, etc. for it.

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Mom, are you spending way too much time sorting,christian louboutin pas cher, washing, and folding laundry?


Here are some quick easy tips to help get you out of the laundry room!


1) Sort Less


With the exception of whites that need to be bleached,adidas foot, brand new dark or red items that bleed or delicates, you may not need to sort laundry asmuch as you think.


Most high quality clothing doesn't bleed. And thereis no crime in washing towels with other laundry unless it will get linty (like microfiber cleaning cloths).


You might want to sort laundry by what room it will end up in. I throw my boy's laundry all in together and despite what home economics gurus might tell you, I haven't noticed any bad effects! This method simplifies things because each load goes to the same place.Instead of walking around the house delivering laundry to each room,you save energy and time.


2) Instead of folding...


Hang kid's shirts in their closet and simply lay small itemsflat in their drawers.


I use those cheap shoebox size plastic organizers in the boy'scloset and throw unsorted clean socks in one,franklin and marshall, undies in another, pjs in another. Each child has his own containers so there's noconfusion.


It's much simpler than spending time folding underwearand matching socks. They can find their own sock mates,louboutin pas cher!


3) Use Your Tools


Put one laundry basket in each room where dirty laundry is discarded(usually one per bathroom or bedroom). Buy some of those zippered mesh bags at the dollar store and throwone in each.


4) Teach your kids and husband


Ask your husband and kids to put laundry in the hamper instead of dropping it on the floor, and to bring their hamper to the laundry area when you're ready to wash. Don't scold or nag, use natural consequences. When someone needs that favorite pair of Buzz Lightyear pjs or boxers, they will quickly learn that if it doesn't make it to the hamper, it doesn't get washed!


Train them too to put their dirty socks in the mesh bag. Even if they're too young to do so,mercurial vapor, put all dirty socks in the bag andthrow the entire thing in the washer. They come out clean andthe washer doesn't eat the baby's socks.


Enlist your kid's help when it comes to folding laundry.


A 2 year old can put dirty laundry in the hamper and throw cleanclothes in the dryer when you hand it tothem, a 3 year old can fold washcloths,louboutin, and an older child candeliver clean folded laundry to their room and even hang items.


5) Forget Perfection


When I was a kid we had "play clothes" and "school clothes". The nicer things were what you wore to school and out of the house,franklin marshall, and you changed into your play clothes (usually itemsthat had a defect or weren't as nice as going-out clothes) assoon as you got home.


Using this method means that the nicer items don't wear out asquickly, and they may not need to be washed after every wearing. An item that is worn once (unless it's socks or undies) doesn'tnecessarily need to be washed.


And you may decide that it's not worth spending time removingstains on play clothes, thus saving you more time and money.


Also, try using Oxi-Clean or another non-toxic whitenerinstead of bleach on your whites. Since it can also be used oncolors, it won't be the end of the world if a stray coloreditem gets in your bleach load.


I hope these tips help rescue you from laundry roomshackles,nike mercurial vapor!


Carrie Lauth is a work at home Mom of 4. You can learn moretips for carving more time out of your busy day at http://www.business-moms-expo.com/organized_moms.html





In the field of the arts


capital of Bulgaria



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