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The New NHL just in time for Round 2 of the playoffs thread.


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guerin hasnt done shit either, what about gonchar as well...


guerin was brought in to put pucks in on crosbys line, thats it, nothing else except for veteran leadership and putting in passes from crosby.. maybe a lil slot work on the pp too


true....and gonchar shoulda never let ovechkin walk in like that and use him as a screen

i also saw gonchar let a couple pucks get by at the blue line that he usually keeps in


im also wondering where all the physical play went that the pens were using against philly

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did you guys see.. the puck went in the fucking net like 8 tenths of a second before the fucking ref blew the whistle FUCKING BULL SHIT.

talk about the refs favoring anahiem that game, they just don't want the wings to win, NHL conspiracy! haha.


the ref was on the left side of the net, all he could see was hiller, that was a terrible call.

he should have got to the back of the net before blowing the whistle so he could at least see the whole net and not just hiller. wings def. got robbed, lets hope the refs rob the ducks in game 4 and game 5.

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yeah, that was bullshit i hate that fucking rule, i think if it's a situation like that one they should review it because that would have changed the game, they should review it... no just fucking say "oh intent to blow the whistle before hossa got to it" FUCKING BULLSHIT. they should say "lets review it because it could make the game different"

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Wow i guess im the only one glad the wings lost. oh well. Thats too bad about the refs, in all seriousness. Sounds like some are on the take. Wouldn't suprise me. Sounded like the hawks played like shit. More dumb penalties. Coming from behind every game isnt a good strategy. They need to get up, then they can play their game.

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The Pheonix thing sucks. Pheonix is a huge market, they could definitely fill some seats. Hockey should be thinking about what's best for the future. I'm all for the Hamilton thing, but there are some other, smaller, more backwards places that have hockey teams, take one of them, leave Pheonix alone, Blackberry guy.

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Carolina made it in a similar market to those other southern teams so who knows what could happen.. Being a team in those cities it is alot harder to draw the likes of a really good GM, coach management etc.. rather than living in a city with a huge market, which goes hand in hand with having a good team.. making the playoffs and bringing in a good crowd and making the sport grow in popularity within the city. I think the hamilton idea is a cool concept and a team would do well there but we really dont need to be takinig teams out of the west and bringing them east.. the season of travel for the western conference teams is bad enough as it is with detroit, nashville etc. anyways i dont really care either way its not my money.

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