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________ FST KREW _________ Family Stays True Krew !


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What makes me laugh is when you were kissing dudes you were probably thinking about me, you fucking closet case. Are you retired, or are you "coming back to Mpls to show people how it's done". You never could have a concise thought could you, I'd hate to live inside your dense little mind. It's amazing how far a not-very-intelligent, conflicted person can get with a little sociopathos, most of the people that know you are surprised you are still alive. You respond to shit I say with shit like "say somethin' clever, I'll smash you", because you are so fucking upset that I AM ABLE TO SAY SOMETHING CLEVER, and you can't do a 99cent WalMart Silver throw-up over my words. As for what you have done for the "organization", first of all, you take this shit way too seriously, always have. It's fun, that's why we do it, not to have a sense of identity through warring, that was always just you, unless it was neccesary. Also, as for my "wak lil tags", you always rode my didick over my handstyle, you know it's true, probably because they have 1000 times more style than you're wildstyle pieces that are on some "crazy space shit that don't even make no sense". I'm not afraid of you, come and get me then, I'm fully prepared to defend myself, I wouldn't be suprised if you just put it on here and let someone else do your dirty work, you certainly aren't above snitching are you. Ask Gain. Ask Enron. Once again, you are a disgrace to this game, and to life in general, and I enjoy every single day of my life, so why don't you take your own advice....

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This is my last post. Juice will be delt with

and so will anyone who crosses my path in

the future. Yeah I do sound ignorant.

Cause iam. I'm fucking stupid. I'm a piece of

shit Alchoholic and I will fucking crack your skull.

I don't give a fuck. Cuz that's why's I fucking do

If I met yah j judged yah and

I prolly talked shit aboutcha. And then I'll fuck yer

girlfriend and wash my dick off in the sink. I

wake up with one sock. Cuz I shit in public.

I've lived under bridges and done cocaine off

stripper tits in Tijuana. Y'all don't know me.

Next time I see yah I'll prolly punch you in

the nuts. And mace you. Cuz I'm cheap and

scandulous. See yah soon. Cheers.

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Well...it's been fun. I'm retired now

...not like anyone gives a fuck. Or should.

Just wanted to thank y'all for giving

some the greatest times of my life. No regrets

well ...finding fails and breaking his arms...

Other than that it was a good run. Cheers.


Bjae. Fst



jajajaja thats some real shit

damn findin him and breakin his arms jajaja

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